El-nino News

Makueni is among the counties that will experience increased rainfall that is most likely to come with devastating effects.

The county Government together with other stakeholders have come up with preparedness plans to arrest situations that may occur before, during and after El-nino.


  • Floods that may be fatal
  • Bursting of river banks i.e AthiRiver Corridor, Thwake, Kaiti, Kikuu among others.
  • Landslides
  • Strong winds
  • Disease Outbreaks through water contamination.
  • Displacement
  • Transport breakdown
  • Destruction and blockage of water sources and drainages


  • SultanHamud & Environs
  • Wote
  • Mavindini
  • Mbitini
  • Mbooni
  • Kithungo/Kitundu
  • Tulimani
  • Kiteta/Kisau
  • Kalawa
  • Emali

Emergency Response Centre Has Been Set Up Within The County Government Headquarters And These Are Hotlines To Report Or Call For Help

Radio Room/Control Centre 0710 515 098/0705 144 073 
Makueni Sub County  0710 516 217
Kibwezi West Sub County 0710 515 252
Kibwezi East Sub County  0710 515 448
Mbooni Sub County  0710 515 697
Kilome Sub County  0710 515 644
Kaiti Sub County  0710 515 127


well done,Nice Job,

How has the county government responded to uvaa primary thing??

Business pple btwn Kwakavisi and Ikaasu have suffered along this route for long. No Mortor transport since the road is always a nightmare, whether in rainy or dry season.

A kind request!!

John Muia

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