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Makueni tech & innovation hub

The hubs location?
What does the hub do?

Makueni tech & innovation hub in collaboration with the Association of Countrywide hubs and  partners aims to develop an Innovation challenges to harness the collective capability of the technology and innovation sector, in a structured manner in response to three grand challenges that recognize the combined package of infrastructure, technological tools, human capacity and data delivered by a unique combination of multiple stakeholders (public and private sectors will boost & enhance service delivery, spreading the reach of new developments to the poorest and most remote communities and improve development outcomes for all.

What services are offered ?


Incubation/Accelerator programs

Outsourcing linkages -Research function -IBM

Online work

Coaching and Mentorship

Symposiums and conferences

How long is the incubation cycle?

Pre‐incubation relates to the overall activities needed to support the potential innovator in developing his/her idea, a model and a plan, to boost the chances to arrive to an effective start‐up creation. It usually implies a first assessment of the idea, training, and direct one to‐one assistance necessary to put the client in the conditions to write a fully complete plan.

Incubation concerns the support given to the innovator from the start‐up to the expansion phase. Typically, this is a mid‐term process, lasting usually as per the timeline set by the hub. The actions activated generally are access to finance, direct coaching and mentoring services, as well as hosting services and specific training. Therefore, physical incubation, although a very important service, is a subset of the overall incubation process.

Post‐incubation, the process, wherein the hub supports the establishment and growth of a start-up. Those supporting the start-up or new companies are called business incubators

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Opening Hours :Mon – Fri: 8am – 5pm

closed on public holidays and weekends.