Start a Library

Nov 29 2016

Shina Foundation     Story Moja Publishers

All roads lead to Kambi Mawe Primary School this Tuesday the 29th November 2016 where the Government of Makueni County, through Shina Foundation, which is the First Lady's initiative, will  launch 30 libraries in the 30 wards in the county. One school was drawn from each ward. Each school will start its library with a collection of 1000 copies from the Government of Makueni County and 200 more copies being a donation from Story Moja Publishers.

The Chief guest will be Dr Auma Obama accompanied by H.E The Governor and H.E Deputy Governor, The First Lady and other dignitaries from within and without the county.

The event will officially begin at 10 am.

The following schools are set to benefit from the programme.

1 Muuani
2 Kikongooni
3 Unoa
4 Kyambeke
5 Nunguni
6 Thoma
7 Mbukani
8 Kavuthu
9 Kwakakulu
10 Utini
11 Kiaoni
12 Kalulini
13 Wiivia
14 Kalii
15 Kithing'iisyo
16 Misuuni
17 Machinery
18 Mbooni
19 Kithungo
20 Itetani
21 Kakuswi
22 Mbavani
23 Kako
24 Kanthuni
25 Kanzokeani
26 Makutano
27 Enzai
28 Kathungu
29 Sultan Hamud