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Tree Planting Initiative

Following the deputy governor’s tree planting initiative on 12th November 2013, the Makueni County department of Lands, Urban Planning Launched a tree-planting drive that seeks to plant one tree for each of the 884,527 residents of Makueni County with Hon. Adelina Mwau on the lead.

One of the initiatives towards achieving this objective is dubbed ‘Each Pupil Tree’ (E-PAT), targeting the 276,000 primary school pupils in the county. We have supplied a seedling for each primary school pupil, and we expect that with the support and supervision of their teachers they will tend these trees till they grow and mature.In her speech at all the schools she visited the Deputy Governor emphasized that the progress of the trees will be monitored from time to time, and after a while award the schools with the highest survival rate as well as the pupils whose trees will be the best will be awarded.

Among the schools Hon Adelina Mwau visited with the CEM Lands, Urban Planning, CEM Education and MCA Vaati, include, Utaati Primary School-Makueni District, Katitu Primary School in Kilungu District and Enzai Primary School in Mukaa District