ECM: Julius Kaloi

Objectives of the department.

  1. Enhanced land security and utilization of land resources;
  2. To improve infrastructural development, connectivity and accessibility, safety and security within urban areas through informed planning;
  3. To ensure efficient and effective management and administration of land for sustainable development and improved security of tenure;
  4. To provide a spatial framework that shall guide urban and rural socio-economic development of the County;
  5. To undertake mineral resources mapping and development, geological surveys and feasibility study for existing minerals for wealth creation;
  6. To develop a land information management system that shall integrate all attribute data pertaining to all properties in Makueni.


1. Land survey and mapping

Undertakes land survey for issuance of leasehold titles on public land, department handles property boundary related disputes.

2. Settlement Matters

The department collaborates with NLC and the National Ministry of lands and Physical Planning to verify allocations and processing of ownership documents to support issuance of Title Deeds on settlement schemes e.g Nguu and Wayani Settlement Schemes, Kiboko A, Kiboko B, Kiboko C, and Kinyoo Adjudication areas among others.

3. Land Adjudication

The Department collaborates with the National Government through the Directorate of land adjudication, Ministry of Lands, to finalize adjudication in some settlement sections within the County through hearing, arbitration of cases and gazettement.

4. Boundaries

The Department undertakes survey of public land especially in urban centres and delineation of market boundaries.

5. Land Registration

The department considers and approves land registration, transfer and subdivisions, amalgamations of public land applications. Approval of subdivision schemes on private land and Estate administration.

6. Administration of public land

The department manages public land, undertakes development control and planning, and policy development for land for sustainable development and improved security of tenure

7. Mining

The department is in a process of formulating a mining and minerals development and utilisation policy to guide the County mining and mineral dealership activities.

8. Mapping of Mineral Resources

The department is undertaking mapping of basalt to determine its economic viability for commercial extraction in Makueni County.

9. Mapping of Mineral Resources

The department is undertaking mapping of basalt to determine its economic viability for commercial extraction in Makueni County.

10. Physical planning

The department undertakes planning of towns and markets, 10 Urban Land use plans have been done and submitted to the assembly for approval where else 12 are in the process of planning.

The planning department has supported the setting up of Wote Municipal Board, and has had a Municipal Manager appointed. A Municipal Charter has been developed, approved by the County Assembly and is ready for implementation. A municipal Investment Plan has also been prepared for implementation within the financial year 2018/2019.

11. County Spatial Planning

The department has prepared the County Spatial Planning Bill that is policy framework  to guide urban and rural socio-economic development in the County. Also, the department is mandated to lead the preparation of the Makueni County Spatial Plan (MCSP) through an inter-departmental team and in consultation with key stakeholders. Particularly, the County has received financial support from the UNDP through the Council of Governors to finalise the preparation of the MCSP.

12. Urban Development

The department has invested in urban infrastructure development in order to enhance connectivity and accessibility, safety and security within urban areas through informed planning, by Cabro-paving roads in Wote town, constructed Emali Bus Park, Nunguni Bus Park and installation of street and floodlights in market centers which increased trading hours and enhanced security

13. County spatial data management

The department is in the process of developing a geospatial data management system that will store and manage County data. The data will be store in relational databases and made available to the public through web-mapping platforms. Some of the output can be found in

14. Land and Property Valuation Services

Urban areas directly generate revenue for the county hence the department has embarked on valuing the County plots by hiring a consultant to undertake valuation roll of plots within the county in-order to rate the plots value this will guide the department guide the department on how much to collect form each plot hence boosting the County revenue base.

15. Land Information System

The objective is to develop a state of heart LIMS that provides better land administration functions through an integration of land parcels attribute data, land policies, and modern technologies in e-governance and e-citizenship in order to promote  sustainable development.

The GIS Lab fully equipped with necessary hardware for all spatial analysis and data management.

16. Land Transactions

The departments of lands grants approvals on development applications in including processing change of users, extension of users, amalgamations, building plan approvals, plot registration applications, plot transfers, plot subdivisions and allocations of land and plots.

17. Housing policy

The department is in the process of developing a housing policy that will guide Management of building and construction standards and codes and development, management of County Government. The Department is also working closely with the national government in developing  Low-Cost Housing Project in Makueni County is a long-term initiative that targets to have social housing and rent to own houses developed in the Wote towns in line with the national government Big 4 agenda.







Urban Land Use Plans



Kasikeu Urban Land Use Plan 279.76 KB 272 downloads



Kambu Urban Land Use Plan 3.39 MB 248 downloads



Wote Urban Land Use Plan 631.65 KB 395 downloads



Tawa Urban Land Use Plan 275.46 KB 246 downloads



Mbumbuni Urban Land Use Plan 1.77 MB 241 downloads



Kikima Urban Land Use Plan 2.46 MB 258 downloads



Kathonzweni Urban Land Use Plan 1.86 MB 256 downloads



Mtito Andei Urban Land Use Plan 2.91 MB 263 downloads


Wote Land-use Plan