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By June 2024, Makueni County Referral Hospital will run on solar energy, guaranteeing patients uninterrupted health services even when there are grid electricity power outages.

Energy Chief Officer Eng. Naomi Nthambi on Tuesday launched the solar installation project at the referral hospital hoping to harness 200 Kilowatts at peak working capacity and supplement the grid electricity which is at times unreliable due to outages.

Naomi says this project will save the hospital an estimated Ksh 7 million in annual electricity expenditures.

This project will play a crucial role in reducing carbon emissions while promoting a greener future through investment in renewable energy infrastructure. Successful implementation will also pave way for replication in other county strategic installations.


Waking up at 3 am to queue for a spot to fetch water from the available distant water points has for long been a way of life for many residents in Makueni. Donkeys carrying heavy loads of water jerricans has been a common feature one can’t miss even in Wote town, the county’s capital.

Water vendors have thrived, often charging exorbitant prices for a 20-litre jerrican of water, especially during the dry season when many of the rivers have run dry.  In some parts of the county, a 20-litre jerrican goes for Shs 50 during the dry season.

To remedy this situation, Makueni’s Department of Water and Sanitation has crafted an ambitious water development plan, extending water connections from sources to households, known as the “last mile” connections.

One such area benefiting from these connections is Nthangu location, where residents have experienced real transformation. Pastor Thomas Wambua, a resident with a connection in his compound explains that his family can now engage in productive farming, unlike before, where he had to spend Shs 1,000 weekly to pump water from Kamunyii stream using a petrol-powered pump. His church has also registered a higher turn up on Sundays.

The County Government constructed a sand dam and underground sump at the confluence of Kaiti and Kamunyii rivers and installed a mega solar power system to distribute water to more than 10,000 residents and four schools in Kiatine and Nthangu villages. 100 households have obtained last-mile connections by paying a small fee, Pastor Wambua among them.

In Mavindini Ward, Burnice Mutiso is optimistic that completion of Ngosini Concrete Dam will transform her life. “When this dam fills up, I intent to venture into horticultural farming full time. This area is highly productive, but water has been the biggest challenge,” she says. Burnice hawks food to workers at the dam construction site. The dam borders her family land.

The department has prioritized last-mile connections as a solution to the long distances people walk to the nearest water point.

This will be achieved through investment in a main centralized water infrastructure project in each ward (One Ward, One Main Water project); and the use of digital metering and payment in the 30 water projects.  

Further, the water supply expansion initiative will involve desilting, expanding and rehabilitation of earth dams; construction of sand dams with sumps; drilling and equipping of boreholes, construction and/ or extension of 160 Kms of pipeline with water kiosks.

In the Financial Year 2024/25, the Department of Water and Sanitation plans to connect at least 1,000 households per ward to clean and safe water by implementing the last mile water infrastructure programme.

This initiative is expected to increase the proportion of rural households accessing piped water from 30% to 50% and urban households from 7,939 in 2022 to 10,920 in 2025.

Currently the department is undertaking massive investments along River Athi to draw, treat and supply water from the river. These include Athi Kalawa water project, Athi Tunguni Water Project, Athi Mavindini Water project.


Governor Mutula Kilonzo Junior on Friday attended the burial of Mzee Mang’oka in Kilungu Ward who is the father of Japheth Mang’oka County ECM in charge of Department of Devolution, County Administration and Emergency Services.

The Governor speaking during the burial encouraged industrial crops farmers in Kaiti and it’s environs to get back to coffee farming as it is a promising crop in the highland regions of the county. He promised coffee farmers a benchmarking tour to enhance their knowledge of the crop as well as reviving the Kithangathini and Kithumani factories.

At the same event, the Acting County Commissioner representative said the National Government through it’s security agencies will make sure that everyone is safe during this holiday season and that the security teams will not go for Christmas.

This assurance comes after a heavy shootout on Friday in Wote town where thieves who broke into several houses during the day were given a chase by the police and managed to abandon their car and flee on foot into a nearby forest.

Douglas Mbilu, The County Assembly speaker, who also attended the burial emphasised on unity of purpose for the County Assembly, County Executive and the Security agencies.


The Institute of Human Resource Management (IHRM) in Kenya recently hosted its 4th annual HR Awards and Gala dinner on Friday, December 8, 2023. The prestigious event, held at Safari Park Hotel, Thika Road, Nairobi, served as a platform to recognize and celebrate outstanding achievements in the field of Human Resources.

Event Overview:

The 4th Circle of Excellence HR Awards aimed to identify and applaud individuals and institutions that have significantly contributed to the advancement of HR practices in the country. The event brought together HR professionals, distinguished guests, and notable personalities to commemorate a year of remarkable accomplishments in the HR field.

Makueni County’s Recognition:

In this year’s awards ceremony, Makueni County stood out for its groundbreaking approach to innovation and technology in county governance. The county’s strategic partnership with Safaricom was highlighted as a key factor in automating services and surpassing targets in critical areas. The innovative initiatives spearheaded by the Governor not only enhanced efficiency but also instilled motivation among employees, positioning Makueni County as a trailblazer in shaping the future of county governance.

Award Presentation:

During the 4th Annual HR Awards, Makueni County received special recognition for its exemplary use of innovation and technology in county processes. The award, on behalf of His Excellency The Governor, was graciously received by the County Executive Committee Member (CEC) responsible for ICT, Education, Internship accompanied by County Executive Member for Gender, Children, Youth, Sports & Social Services, CO Education & Internship and CO ICT. The ceremony was graced by the esteemed Chief Guest, Mr. David K.A Siele, Chairman of the National Labour Board.

Figure 1 The Award presented to the Government of Makueni County
Figure 2 CECM  Elizabeth Muli , CECM Nicholas Nzioka, CO Nicholis Mutua and CO Alfonce Kanunga during the awarding ceremony

Significance of the Award:

Makueni County’s achievement at the 4th Circle of Excellence HR Awards underscores the critical role played by innovation and technology in advancing county governance. The county’s forward-thinking approach not only enhances service delivery but also establishes a model for other regions to emulate. The award serves as a testament to Makueni County’s commitment to progress and excellence in HR practices.

In conclusion, Makueni County’s recognition at the 4th Circle of Excellence HR Awards is a testament to its unwavering dedication to innovation and technology in county processes. The strategic partnership with Safaricom and the visionary leadership of the Governor have positioned Makueni County as a leader in the HR landscape. This award not only acknowledges past achievements but also serves as inspiration for continued excellence in shaping the future of county governance.


The COG Resource Mobilisation Committee took stock of the last one year successes, challenges and way forward in their engagement with the partners.

Governor Mutula called on the development partners to ensure equitable distribution of support to counties.

“Devolution was supposed to answer marginalization, therefore support to counties must answer that question.” He said.

This comes barely two weeks after Makueni held it’s 2nd Annual Development Partners Conference aligning to the Governors pillar of Strategic Partnerships.

National Greening Agenda

President William Ruto, flanked by Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua and Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jr on Monday led hundreds of Makueni residents in planting 100,000 tree seedlings at Kiu Wetland, Makindu Ward, during the #NationalTreeGrowingDay

This exercise is geared towards landscape and ecosystems restoration where 15 billion trees will be grown in the next decade. Makueni targets to grow 344 million trees by the year 2032.

H.E Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jr during the celebrations of the Akamba rich heritage

H.E Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jr , a team from Diaspora Outreach Development Foundation Incorporated (DODFI) led by Prof. Philip M. Mutisya, today, held discussions on possible investment opportunities in Makueni on matters, education, technology, food security, and water, among others.
DODFI agreed to attract investment finance for projects in Makueni.
Kyalo Mumo, the Majority Leader at the County Assembly of Makueni, accompanied the visiting delegation to the governor.

H.E. governor Mutula Kilonzo Jr accompanied by senator Daniel Maanzo, several other leaders on Saturday attended Priests and Deacons Ordination Ceremony held at St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church in Wote, Makueni Parish

H.E. governor Mutula Kilonzo Jr accompanied by senator Daniel Maanzo, several other leaders on Saturday attended Priests and Deacons Ordination Ceremony held at St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church in Wote, Makueni Parish.
The ceremony was presided over by H.E. Hurbetus Maria Van Megan, the Apostolic Nuncio for Kenya and South Sudan, and Rt. Rev. Norman King’oo, the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Machakos.
Governor Mutula expressed a close working relationship with clergy and extended his congratulations to the newly ordained team.
7 seminarians were ordained as deacons while 5 deacons were ordained as priests.