Objectives of the Department

  1. To enhance business development services

  2. To enhance fair trade practices and consumer protection

  3. To promote and enhance industrial development and growth

  4. To promote marketing through identification, value addition and branding of Makueni produce, products and services

  5. To develop and promote sustainable tourism in the County

  6. To promote co-operative development in the

  7. To promote leadership, governance and prudence financial management in the co-operative movement

  8. To development and maintain trade market infrastructure

Functions of the Department

The functions of the Department are divided into five main categories: Marketing and trade facilitation; industry development and growth; ensuring fair trade practices; tourism development; and co-operative development.

1. Marketing and Trade Facilitation

Marketing and trade facilitation functions include market infrastructure development; training of entrepreneurs; business counseling; business financing; trade fair organization; conducting market research; branding and market linkage.

2. Creation of Business Linkages

Business Linkages encompasses event marketing: tradeshows, expos and festivals, Promoting the creation, designing and launching of e-marketing and brand development for products

3. Development of Market Infrastructure

The Department supports and ensures conducive working environment for all traders through Maintenance of existing and new Trade infrastructure,i.e, Market Sheds, and Open Air Markets.

4. Industry Development

Industry development entails product development; establishment, development and growth of cottage industries; attraction of industries; sensitization of trade, business and public on property rights and standards.

5. Ensuring Fair Trade Practices

This is done through sensitization of public and trade on product and service standards and requirements of the Weights and Measures Act. The Department also carries out verification of weighing and measuring equipment and enforces compliance to Weights and Measures Act.

6. Development and Promotion of Tourism

To promote tourism development, the Department collaborates with National Government and other Counties; identifies and maps tourism sites; organizes tourism events; sensitizes public and key stakeholders on tourism matters; and offers training to key stakeholders involved in tourism.

7. Co-operative Development

The Department is charged with the responsibility of carrying out research on co-operative development; registration and promotion of co-operative societies; training, education and sensitization of co-operatives; financing of co-operatives; auditing and offering advisory services; and enforcing the Co-operative Act.