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Dr. Sonia Nzilani, the County Executive Committee Member for Trade, Industry, Marketing, Culture, and Tourism interacts with traders at Kikima, Winzeni, Tuvilani, and Mukaatini markets in Mbooni Sub County, Thursday, on trading services concerns.

Issues addressed included sanitation and trading space. Dr Sonia reassured the traders of the department’s dedication to enhance and entrepreneurship in the county. Dr. Sonia encouraged them to adopt greening to improve cultural attraction sites, community health and climate change resilience.

Additionally, she inspected the designated site for the Mbooni West dumping site.


A dynamic collaboration between the Trade and Culture directorate, the National Museums of Kenya, and the Natural Product Industry recently unfolded during a three-day workshop at the Kilimani Breeze Hotel. The workshop’s central aim was to validate the Indigenous Knowledge (IK) Innovation Bank (InKiBank) while strategically identifying and prioritizing IK assets within Makueni County for cultural product development and eventual commercialization.

The workshop served as a melting pot of ideas, drawing together an eclectic mix of stakeholders. This included Makueni County’s energetic young culture champions, the esteemed Akamba Clans Governing Council of Elders, and key representatives from the County Assembly committees on Culture and Finance. Notably, various county departments, such as Finance, Trade, Tourism, and the County Attorney, played active roles, demonstrating a holistic approach to both cultural and economic advancement.

With robust participation from diverse sectors, the workshop emerged as a center for innovative thinking and strategic planning. Its overarching goal is to tap into the wealth of indigenous knowledge and cultural heritage embedded within Makueni County. By prioritizing IK assets, the initiative aims to unlock fresh opportunities for cultural product development and sustainable commercialization, promising both economic growth and the preservation of the region’s rich cultural identity.


The Department of Trade partnered with Kenya Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) to support in the establishment of sustainable MSMEs by ensuring their full participation in the economy and creation of jobs. In Kikima-Mbooni, 148 entrepreneurs (116 females and 32 males) were trained on: Business finance management, bookkeeping, business conceptualization, spotting a business opportunity and market penetration. MSMEs were also sensitized on Soko-Makueni, a marketing e-portal platform, to equip them with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate and utilize the platform effectively.

A Section of Entrepreneurs Attending the Makueni SBDC Business Training Sessions in Kikima-Mbooni.


Makueni County Government through the department of Trade, Marketing, Industry, Culture and Tourism under the leadership of Chief Officer Dr. Jossylyne Mutua participated in the Marketing Society of Kenya Marketers Conference on 26th & 27th October 2023 in Mombasa, an annual event that brought together marketing professionals, industry experts, and thought leaders to exchange knowledge, ideas, and insights on emerging trends and best practices in the field of marketing. In its 3rd Edition, the conference aimed to explore the theme “Harnessing disruptive innovation for marketing success” with a focus on how best to leverage disruptive innovation to drive successful marketing campaigns and achieve business growth. The conference covered a wide range of subjects, including customer centric marketing, data analytics, Mobile marketing, customer experience, digital marketing, and more. This conference came at a time that the Department of Trade, Marketing, Industry, Culture and Tourism is in the process of restructuring the county marketing unit to facilitate efficient delivery of their roles. The marketing officers had the opportunity to meet marketing experts that could help address some of organization’s biggest marketing challenges in the trade, production and hospitality sectors and effectively learned, connected and shared experiences with fellow marketers.

The Objectives of the MSK Marketers Conference

  • Gain valuable knowledge, best practices, and actionable insights that can be applied to improve marketing of Makueni produce, products and services.
  • To familiarize the department with latest trends, technologies, and strategies in the market for effective delivery of the county marketing roles.
  • Meet and network with like-minded professionals, share experiences, exchange ideas and build relationships both regional and international.
  • Access to resources, tools, and latest technology solutions to enhance the participants marketing initiatives.

Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jr currently presiding over the unveiling of Plug Mtaani Business Competition winners.

Plug Mtaani is a competition of entrepreneurial ideas by young people.

Faith Mumo Timona, a fruits value addition industrialist based at Kwa Kathoka is the overall winner of Makueni County Plug Mtaani Youth Business Competition. The winner will represent Makueni at the national level competition and stand a chance to win Sh 10M to nurture her vision. She was awarded a sum of Sh 50,000 by Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jr

Governor Mutula Inaugurates State-of-the-Art Business Hub in Mukuyuni

Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jnr on Thursday 12th October, 2023 commissioned State-of-the-Art Mukuyuni Business Centre, done by Wote Municipality with support from World Bank.

The Business Centre is not merely a collection of stalls; it is a beacon of hope and opportunity. It stands as a testament to Governor Mutula’s commitment to sustainable development and a better future for all.

Features of the Business Hub include:

1. Solar-powered lighting

2. Lactation room

3. Cold room

4. 132 vendor stalls

5. Rainwater harvesting and waste management systems aimed at preserving the environment.

6. An aggregation centre that will empower the local community by providing job opportunities, nurturing entrepreneurship, and promoting local products.


In a recent online development, the County Directorates of Marketing and Trade Development and ICT conducted an intensive training program for traders in the use of Soko Makueni E-Portal platform. The purpose of this initiative was to equip participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate and utilize the platform effectively.

During the training sessions, participants were introduced to the various features and functionalities of the E-Portal platform, including user registration, account management, and how to access and utilize the available resources and services.

Speaking during the launch of the training, CECM Trade Eng. Peter Nyamai encouraged traders to embrace digital technology in vision of growing their businesses beyond their trading areas.

Special emphasis was placed on security measures to ensure the protection of user data and privacy. Feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing increased confidence in using the E-Portal for their daily tasks. The training is seen as a crucial step in promoting a seamless and efficient digital experience for all users. The Department of Trade and Marketing behind the E-Portal platform has plans to continue offering regular training sessions to ensure that users remain well-versed in its capabilities and to foster a digitally literate trading community.


Market Cleaning Program is a significant step towards improving the cleanliness and overall hygiene of our local markets. This program aligns with our commitment to fostering a healthier and more sustainable environment within our trading areas.

Our markets in Makueni County are not only places of commerce but also vital hubs of community interaction. They serve as economic drivers and places where diverse members of our community converge. However, over time, concerns have arisen regarding their cleanliness and sanitation. These issues not only affect the well-being of our community but also the perception of our markets. The Market Cleaning Program is designed with the objective to;

  • Enhance Hygiene: Implement regular cleaning and sanitation measures to ensure a clean and hygienic market environment for vendors and visitors alike.
  • Beautification:Beautify market areas through landscaping, waste management, and improved infrastructure.
  • Community Involvement: Encourage active participation from vendors, local businesses, and community members to take ownership of the cleanliness of our markets.

In view of achieving the above objectives, the Directorate of Trade has outlined a comprehensive plan, which includes:

  1. Regular Cleaning Schedule: Implementing a consistent cleaning schedule with dedicated personnel responsible for daily maintenance.
  2. Waste Management: Introducing proper waste disposal facilities and practices to minimize litter and promote recycling.
  3. Awareness Campaigns: Conducting awareness campaigns to educate market stakeholders and the community about the importance of cleanliness and hygiene.
  4. Community Engagement: Organizing volunteer-driven cleanup events, involving local schools, businesses, and residents.
  5. Infrastructure Upgrades: Evaluating and making necessary infrastructure improvements to ensure long-term sustainability.
  6. Empowering Market Participants: We believe that the success of this program hinges on the active involvement and empowerment of market participants.

Thus, the Trade directorate has initiated a program to furnish cleaners in over 120 markets earmarked for cleaning with sanitation equipment and is committed to work closely with vendors, business associations, community groups to ensure our markets are transformed into cleaner, safer, and more vibrant entrepreneurial spaces.

The Iconic Emali modern market

The construction of an ultra-modern market which is bound to boost trade in the heart of the fast growing Emali township along Mombasa-Nairobi highway will be complete in 3 weeks time, Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jr has been assured.
During an inspection tour of the market which is connected the main bus terminal, the governor accompanied by the Deputy Lucy Mulili said they will ensure drain improvement and gravelling to improve drainage and protect the market from storm water which mostly affects the town during rain seasons.
The modern market comprises of: 30 wholesale stalls, 96 retail stalls, 2 open air market blocks with a Capacity to accommodate 500 vendors, an administration block with provision of ICT Centre fitted with surveillance system WIFI to support access to E-government services and E-commerce.
The market also has Modern ablution block which is PWD compliant with both toilets and bathrooms, and a creche to provide baby care service to lactating mothers.
To ensure availability of water, Water harvesting system with 240,000Litres has been installed.

Sensitization programme on usage of Soko Makueni, Marketing E-portal.

Sensitization programme on usage of Soko Makueni, Marketing E-portal. The officers in attendance were drawn from the Department of Trade, Marketing, Industry, Culture and Tourism; Directorate of Livestock and Cooperative Development and the Directorate of ICT.

The Department of Trade, Marketing, Industry, Culture and Tourism in a view to enhance market linkages through adoption of technology, has created a versatile platform that offers opportunity to the increasingly young populace of traders and buyers, to trade and market their products. The developed E-marketing solution dubbed ‘Soko Makueni’, will also ensure that investors get to know of the investment opportunities available within Makueni County, offer an opportunity for traders to compare market prices from different markets and give them a chance to advertise their products and produce.