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In the 4th Circle of Excellence HR Awards 2023 County Recognition, Innovation, and Technology take center stage as powerful catalysts for progress in county governance. Makueni County Government emerges as a beacon of the future, dazzling the judges with a strategic partnership with Safaricom that has automated services and propelled key areas to surpass targets. Spearheaded by the Governor, this innovative approach goes beyond efficiency, igniting motivation among employees and positioning Makueni County as not just an adapter but a craftsperson shaping the future.

County Government, Residents Consult on the Makueni Agricultural Training Centre Bill

Hundreds of Makueni residents on Monday thronged to various designated venues across the county for public participation for the Makueni draft Agricultural Training Centre (ATC) Bill.

The purpose of the public participation is to gather input and feedback from residents in order to shape the legal framework for the establishment and operation of the ATC Centre. This ensures that the centre aligns with the needs and aspirations of the local community.

The Centre aims to provide specialized and high-quality agricultural education, training, and related services, and will play a pivotal role in enhancing agricultural knowledge and skills among the community, potentially contributing to local agricultural development.

The two-day exercise organized at the ward level aimed to involve as many community members as possible. This approach helps ensure that a diverse range of perspectives is taken into account.The consultation process is being spearheaded by top county officials led by the County Agriculture Executive Joyce Mutua.

Jitume Program Lands at David Mbiti Wambuli CTTI of Tulimani Ward.

Hosted by the Deputy Governor and the line department of ICT, Education, and Internship, Hon. Eliud Owalo, launched a state-of-the-art digital lab equipped with 100 computers at the aforementioned County Technical Training Institute (CTTI) in Mbooni Sub-county.

This is among the 112 T.V.ETs across the country to have such a lab that is open to students, and the youth.

 Its main roles include providing a digital platform where members of the community are trained on computer skills, are empowered towards digital entrepreneurship, and can access government e-services.

The available online jobs include Data Entry, Transcription, Research, and Technical jobs which are the highest paid. To ward off scammers, the international digital organization provides a particular code per country through which one can ascertain the legitimacy of the available job and employment thereof.

Hon. Owalo added that many more will be set up in all wards across the country through a partnership with members of the parliament in a bid to implement the Bottom-up Economic Transformation Agenda.  

While unpacking the basket of digital goodies for the county the C.S. mentioned more markets in the country will follow the Wote market route of free Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity among the 25,000 the National government is set to connect. While riding on that initiative the Deputy Governor was quick to request for connectivity of Emali and Mukuyuni new urban markets.

Mrs. Mulili also appealed for an extension of the Fiber Optic Cable to the Governor’s office building and other parts of the town as an undertaking of the 1000km the C.S talked of.

The Cabinet Secretary stressed the government’s agenda of digitizing government services to ensure a digital economy and efficiency in service delivery.Makueni County government through the Department of ICT, Education, and Internship has been at the forefront of executing this initiative by digitizing key government services. An endeavor that has seen last financial year’s revenue grow from a previous 189 to 891 million.

Jitume Program Lands at David Mbiti Wambuli CTTI of Tulimani Ward.
Jitume Program Lands at David Mbiti Wambuli CTTI of Tulimani Ward.

Spring Hill Kwa Kakulu’s Unique Education Approach Sets the Stage for a Vocational Revolution

On Friday, October 27, 2023, Spring Hill Kwa Kakulu in the picturesque Emali Mulala ward of Kibwezi West Sub-county, celebrated a remarkable milestone as 103 learners graduated from the County Technical Training Institute in different disciplines 82 of whom have secured employment already.

The striking success of this CTTI hinges on its unconventional admission criteria, which shatters the barriers of academic prerequisites. Here, the only requirement is a thirst for knowledge and a drive to hone essential life skills.

This approach embodies the belief that anyone with the passion to learn deserves an opportunity.

Spring Hill Kwa Kakulu doesn’t adhere to the standard examination calendar; instead, it sets a unique path. Students are assessed based on their competence and their mastery of the necessary skills, following at least six months of rigorous and hands-on training.

This dynamic approach recognizes that true education goes beyond textbooks and exams; it’s about real-world readiness.

When a student reaches the pinnacle of their career skill development, the institution books their examination via the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) together with other students from different CTTIs since Kwakakulu CTTI is an examination center for both Kenya National Examination Council and NITA.This process ensures that these graduates are not just knowledgeable but are masters of their craft, ready to contribute to the workforce effectively.

The tale of Spring Hill Kwa Kakulu’s 103 graduates is not just a story of personal triumph but a testament to the life-transforming potential of CTTIs. Their unwavering dedication and relentless hard work serve as a beacon of inspiration for the entire community.

Spring Hill Kwa Kakulu 
Spring Hill Kwa Kakulu 

Makueni flag to fly in East Africa Music, Drama fete

Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jr has hosted the Kenya National Drama Festival spoken word winners, Brian Oscar, and Geoffrey Mutinda, from Vulueni secondary school in Mbitini.
The duo with the spoken word, “Namba Ya mwisho” performance through their credible storylines on challenges forcing youth into drug abuse with a happy ending of solutions out of psychoactive substances placed the County and the school at the national arena during the April 2023 film, drama fete in Mombasa.
While handing over the Makueni flag to the school where they will be representing Kenya in the East Africa Music, Dance and Drama festival in Arua, Northern Uganda, Governor Mutula encouraged the students to bring win-back home challenging learners to always embrace co-curriculum activities.

Governor Mutula hosts President Ruto, roots for water and road infrastructure

Makueni Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jr on Thursday hosted President William Samoei Ruto at the Konza Technopolis in Kilome sub county during the award of charter to Open University of Kenya.
Open Univeristy of Kenya will offer virtual learning in Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics, Bachelor of Science in Data Science, Bachelor of Science in Economics and Statistics among other courses.
The president accompanied by the governor among other senior government officials toured the Konza data centre and a water reclamation facility at the technopolis.
In his remarks, the governor petitioned the president to tarmac Emali-Ukia road saying the road will connect the lower Eastern to the Northern Frontier Counties.
Mutula Junior said the Namanga-Kajiado-Emali-Ukia-Garissa road is the only economic corridor in the region and would spur growth in Kajiado, Makueni,Machakos and Garissa counties.
He also called for the extension of the national fibre optic cable from the county commissioner’s office headquarters to other offices.
The governor also sought intervention of the president in the extension of the new proposed Nolturesh water line from Kajiado county through Konza to other parts of Makueni for the benefit of residents.

Governor Mutula calls for greater participation of youth in entrepreneurship

H.E Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jr on Monday graced the Makueni youth dialogue and mentorship event that brought together 15 youths per ward from all over the county.
The governor used the forum to urge for youth participation in economic affairs through entrepreneurship.
He said the government was keen in creating a conducive environment that will unlock the potential for the County’s youth, to enable them to fully participate in development.
The County had also engaged different sector leads and youths who have excelled in various business ventures to speak during the forum.

Governor calls for combined efforts to boost education in Makueni as he commissions ultramodern classrooms.

H.E governor Mutula Kilonzo Jnr has this evening commissioned an ultramodern storey building that houses several classrooms at Nzeeni Lioness Primary School, in Nzaui-Kilili-Kalamba ward, Makueni Sub-County.
The dream of such a modern school has been realized through supporting partners under the Lions Club of Nairobi-Peponi.
The governor asked parents to be actively involved in their children’s academic development with a view of helping them realize their potential.
He was accompanied by the club’s leadership led by Lion Shehzan Luhar, several philanthropists from the service club organization, Susan Kiamba (Makueni MP), and area MCA Francis Mutuku among others.

The First Lady Anita Mutula was accompanied by her Wajir counterpart Rukia Abdinasir, EIDU Senior Project Lead Clara Ruiz Linaje, Abdirashid M. Jabane the Secretary Administration State Department of ICT among other key Education stakeholders

The First Lady Anita Mutula  was accompanied by her Wajir counterpart Rukia Abdinasir, EIDU Senior Project Lead Clara Ruiz Linaje, Abdirashid M. Jabane the Secretary Administration State Department of ICT among other key Education stakeholdersThis program is geared towards enhancing personalized learning, developing accountability among learners and teachers as well as improving written language skills and communication.The programme, launched by County First Lady Anita Mutula on Friday will benefit 35,574 learners in 1191 ECDE centres across the count.

H.E Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jr on Friday morning attended Makueni Girls High School Thanksgiving and prize-giving day where he was event’s chief guest.

The school under Mary Irene Okoth, Chief Principal, in the last year’s KCSE examination produced 1-A (81 Points), 7 students had B+, several others getting direct entry into various Kenya’s top universities.
The governor promised to ensure the school gets enough water through equipping, distribution, and solarisation of a borehole recently sank by the County Government to provide a 24-hour water supply. The borehole will be producing 2.3 m3.