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County staff sign new Performance Contracts as departments compete for glory

All employees of the Government of Makueni County will now work under performance contracts in order to improve service delivery.

The employees, including executive committee members, Chief Officers, directors, and chairpersons of various authorities under the county government signed the performance contracts on Monday, in an event presided over by governor Kivutha Kibwana and his deputy Adelina Mwau.

Those below the director level are expected to sign performance appraisals with their departmental heads before 18th September.

“The deputy governor and myself signed a 4-year performance contract with the people of Makueni County on 23rd March 2018. Our PC was developed in line with the CIDP and it is our expectation that departments have factored our PC in their PCs to ensure what we committed to do is achieved,” said governor Kibwana during the event.

“I want to emphasize that performance management must be entrenched as a culture in the way the Government of Makueni County delivers its services to the citizens (Mwene nthi),” he said.

The keys highlights of the performance contract the governor signed with the people of Makueni include:


  • Construction of 4 Mega dams (10 Million M3)
  • Promotion of household and institutional water harvesting targeting at least 100,000 HHs
  • Construction and extension of additional 10,000 Km of water pipeline
  • Entrenchment of climate change mainstreaming and increasing forest cover by 50%


  • 4,880 New hectares put under irrigation and crop production.
  • Increase milk production from 28M Kg per year to 43M Kg per year
  • Consolidate the agro-processing initiatives – Kalamba fruit processing, Kikima Dairy processing, Leather tannery and cottage industry and Abattoir with Disease free zone
  • Halfing the % of Households depending on food aid


  • Provision of universal health care targeting 150,000 households in Makueni.
  • Investing in diagnostic infrastructure, technology and equipment to facilitate investigation and screening in all health facilities; enhancing & automating health care and staffing of health facilities.


  • Establishment of a county scholarship endowment fund
  • Creation of 100,000 job opportunities for youth directly and indirectly
  • Enhancing access to market relevant skills/training by the youth, PLWDs and PLHIV to make them more marketable


  • Improve public service productivity through performance management
  • Human capital management and development
  • Development and implementation of structures that support citizen engagement, development of partnerships and resource mobilization