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Makueni residents challenged to turn to silkworm farming as demand increases

Makueni Deputy Governor H.E Lucy Mulili has praised a group of women from Kiatine, Wote/Nziu ward, Makueni Sub-County for taking the challenge in silkworm farming which is taking shape in the County.

The Deputy Governor spoke on Saturday when she toured Tosheka Textiles’ Kiatine silkworm cages.

Lucy Lau Bigham, the entrepreneur behind Tosheka Textiles called on the Makueni government to support extension and training services for silkworm farming.

The venture, according to Lau is a sustainable community-empowering textile initiative that bridges the economic gap for women.

Lau observed that Eri silkworms attract a competitive sale price of about Sh. 200 per kilogram.The worms majorly feed on caster beans with farmers at the outskirts of Wote town embracing farming of castor plants in plenty.

Through several degumming processes, silk produces fibre which through spinning is converted into a yarn hence making of clothes.