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FY 2023/2024 Budget Public Participation

The Department of Finance and Socio-Economic Planning in conjunction with the Department of Devolution, public participation, county administration and special programmes has initiated the participatory budgeting process for FY 2023/24.
The FY 2023/24 budget will be guided by the development philosophy of “Wauni wa Kwika Nesa na Ulungalu” and will be geared towards the following:
1. Enhancing universal water access in the County;
2. Increasing sustainable agriculture production, value addition and market access for targeted value chains;
3. Improving urban and rural infrastructural development socio-economic transformation;
4. Increasing industrialization and enterprise development by creating a conducive environment for investment and employment creation, and;
5. Sustaining and enhancing access to quality and affordable health services.
Public engagement fora at sub-wards are scheduled for 30th-31st March and 5th April 2023 for the ward level.