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Makueni County FY 2022-23 Q2 Budget Implementation Report

The Budget implementation report highlights progress made in implementation of the Makueni County Government for half year of the Financial Year 2022/23, ending 31st December 2022.It also presents the key challenges that faced budget implementation during the reporting period and appropriate recommendations to overcome these challenges.

The County Government Revised Budget (1) for FY 2022/23 is Kshs 11,529,598,474.31 with Kshs 7,678,723,994.74 (67%) directed towards recurrent budget and 3,850,874,479.57 (33%) directed towards development budget.


The overall revenue performance for half year of FY 2022/23 ending 31st December 2022 was 23.04 percent. (Kshs 2,358,803,704.82).The equitable share and Conditional allocations loans and grants amounted to Kshs 2,044,940,889.80 representing 87 percent of the total actual receipts for the half year of the financial year.  Own Source Revenue performed at 25 percent, for the first six months of the financial year.


The County recorded an overall cumulative absorption rate of 25 percent (Kshs 2,938,257,833.87) for the period ending 31st December 2022. Personnel emoluments recorded the highest abosption at 45 per cent (Kshs 1,996,294,414.35) whereas operations and maintenance recorded a 20 percent absorption rate (Kshs 661,981,907.52). Development expenditure amounted to (Kshs 279,981,512.00) representing 7 percent absorption rate

The County Government made exchequer requisition amounting to Kshs. 2,788,626,649.00 during the period.  Kshs. 399,938,590 was for County Assembly while   Ksh.s 2,388,688,059 was for County Executive.

The County Government development projects for implementation in FY 2022/23 are 1,218 in number. As at 31st December 2022, 3 percent of the projects were competed and in use, 21 percent completed to scope, 10 percent ongoing, 65 percent not started and 1 percent stalled.