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In a bid to foster sustainable energy development, Makueni County has joined forces with Strathmore University and WRI in an energy training collaboration. Spearheaded by the Housing and Energy Directorate, the collaborative workshop aimed at bolstering energy-saving initiatives across various government departments, marking a significant leap towards sustainable energy development.

The workshop convened teams from health, energy, agriculture, and water departments for an in-depth exploration of energy management strategies. Spearheaded by Housing and Energy Chief Officer Eng. Naomi Nthambi, the training emphasized the pivotal role of energy conservation in the county.

Eng. Nthambi shed light on the Makueni County Energy Plan and ongoing pilot projects geared towards enhancing energy efficiency. Participants delved into crucial topics such as Energy Management Regulations and Appliance Energy Performance during interactive discussions.

Expanding its reach, the workshop included a specialized session for Technical Working Group and Facility Managers, who actively delved into practical implementation strategies for energy management county-wide.

Key takeaways from facility managers highlighted the importance of finalizing the Energy Planning Process, establishing Facility-Level Energy Management Teams, and fostering communication and collaboration among teams. The discussion also stressed the significance of implementing mechanisms for Monitoring, Control, and Reporting, alongside regular policy reviews to adapt to evolving energy management practices.

Covering practical aspects including Energy Management Systems and Lighting Systems, this collaborative effort underscores Makueni County’s steadfast commitment to forging a sustainable future through informed energy practices.