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Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jr has pledged his support to the Kenya National Union of Clinical Officers, Eastern Region, assuring them that he will present their memorandum of understanding to the Council of Governors (COG) for prompt action.

Addressing the clinical officers who have been staging demonstrations across the country, Governor Mutula affirmed his commitment to addressing their concerns. As the chair of the COG’s Legal, Constitutional Affairs & Intergovernmental Relations Committee, he vowed to ensure that their issues are brought to the council’s attention and resolved.

According to the KUCO national chair , Peterson Wachira, the national government signed an agreement with the union in 2021 to increase their risk allowances from KSH 3,000 to KSH 15,000.

However, the Council of Governors’ is yet to sign the deal.

Mr. Wachira also criticized the council for failing to honor a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) for salary increments, which has been under negotiation since 2019.

He also highlighted the unfair handling of the staff recruited by the National ministry of health under the UHC program across the country who require absorption to permanent and pensionable terms.Other issues include delayed promotions, poor working conditions and widespread staff shortage

In response, Governor Mutula promised to facilitate the promotion of officers working in Makueni who are due for advancement to the next job groups. He highlighted that the county has developed a staff establishment plan aimed at resolving promotion issues, ensuring that deserving clinical officers receive their due advancements.

Acknowledging that Makueni had addressed the county specific issues that led to the 64 day national strike, Governor Mutula committed to reach out to all stakeholders to address the raised nationwide grievancies.

Governor Mutula’s commitment underscores the importance of addressing the concerns of healthcare workers and ensuring that their welfare is prioritized for better service delivery in the region.