The Government of Makueni County has created an online platform for managing the county development budget. The County Projects Management System currently tracks budget and performance data for over 1600 programs and projects from the 30 wards implemented since 2013/14 FY, mainly supporting the realization of the County’s Vision 2025.
This helps to reduce delayed and incomplete projects, as well as frequent cost over-runs. The web-based platform serves as a unified project information repository, allowing coordinated monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of county government development projects and therefore allows the public to keep track of the projects being implemented by the county government.
The system also reinforces new transparency and accountability measures outlined in Kenya’s 2010 Constitution, by providing public access to information on government spending. Enhancements to the system have been substantially informed by user feedback. The system allows you and the public to send comments to relevant authorities on how to increase accuracy of information and accountability.