Establishment, Abolition of Offices and Recruitment (EARS) Committee

Establishment and Abolition of Offices

  • Advice the County Government on establishment and abolition of  offices
  • Establish and abolish offices as per sec.62 (2) of the CG Act 2012
  • Review and approve departmental structures
  • Review and approve job descriptions.


  • Develop and implement a County recruitment and selection policy
  • Review recruitment requests from departments
  • Advertise vacancies in high circulation print and electronic media
  • Record and file job applications received
  • Prepare guiding notes and selection criteria
  • Undertake short-listing of the applicants
  • Schedule interviews and invitation of candidates
  • Prepare interview tool/questions
  • Constitute the interview panel and invite panelists
  • Undertake/guide the interviews
  • Prepare the interview report and final appointment list
  • Regularly update the applicants database
  • Collate and confirm the current staff establishment in all the departments in the County
  • Confirm employees to positions upon completion of the probation period and renew employment contracts including casuals.
  • Develop and implement Employee Promotion Policy 
  • Coordinate monitoring and evaluation of the recruitment and selection process
  • Develop and submit quarterly reports to the Board on EARS activities
  • Evaluate organizational structure of departments and advise on optimal staffing levels
  • Advise the County Government on redeployment and re-designations and transfer of services
  • Facilitate implementation of  exit interviews