Human Resource Planning, Discipline and Performance Management (HRPD) Committee

Human Resource Planning

  • Facilitate the development and implementation of an integrated human resource plan for the County Public Service
  • Liaise with the other committees for the purpose of information and consultations
  • Develop and regularly update the county HR database
  • Advise and coordinate County Human Resource Planning
  • Liaise closely with the County Secretary and Head of County Public Service on HRM issues
  • To achieve best practices by Bench marking with the Public Service Commission of Kenya and other commissions and organizations on Human Resource Management
  • Make recommendations to SRC on remunerations, pensions and gratuities for County public service employees.

Disciplinary Control

  • Develop a discipline manual and facilitate its implementation
  • Investigate and advise the Board on all disciplinary cases
  • Follow up on the decisions of the Board on disciplinary matters.

Performance Management

  • Advice the County Government on performance contracting
  • Review the performance management tools and roll out for implementation
  • Facilitate staff to have work plans and performance targets
  • Ensure mid and end year performance reviews are carried out across the county
  • Report to the Board on all matters relating to performance management.

Employees Relations

  • Participate in maintaining industrial peace and harmony in the County
  • Facilitate negotiations between the County Government and the trade unions for terms and conditions of service for unionisable staff
  • Advise the County Government on industrial relations and Labour Laws
  • Promote efficiency and productivity in the County Public Service through healthy industrial relations.
  • Ensure diversity, inclusiveness and equity at the work place as per article 10 (2) (b) of the Constitution of Kenya 2010
  • Advise the County Government on OSHA, WIBA, Labour Relations Act  2007, Employment Act 2007 and Labour Institutions Act 2007