• Minister for Lands, Mining & Physical Planning

    Bio: Judith is an advocate of the High Court of Kenya of 16 years standing, 12 of which she spent in active legal practice. She also worked as the Executive Officer of CLEAR Kenya, a legal aid organization and as the Africa Liaison of Advocates International. She is a Certified Public Secretary and a certified mediator, and is presently taking a Masters’ degree course in Leadership and Governance at the International Leadership University.

    Outside of her official duties Judith is a trustee of the Africa International University, a board member of Advocates Africa, and legal advisor to the continental board of the Association of Evangelicals in Africa among other social and corporate responsibilities.

    In her own words, ‘I believe the people of Makueni have a God-given mandate to subdue their earth – to tame it and make it work for them. My mission is to enable them do this by helping them acquire security of title to their land, plan it well for efficient and productive use, and in so doing ensure a clean, safe environment for each one of us’. She is confident that the people of Makueni can achieve this.  
  • Minister for Devolution and Public Service
  • Minister for Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries

  • Minister for Health Services
  • Minister for Finance and Social-Economic Planning
  • Minister for Roads, Transport and Infrastructure

    Bio: Kawive Wambua is an educationist, a literary scholar and a writer. He is a practitioner and a researcher in civic education, participatory educational methodologies and culture as tools of social transformation. 

    A trained teacher, he has taught English and Literature in English in secondary schools for over 7 years. He has Certificate in (Community Mobilization) IVLP-USA,MA(Lit) UoN, B.Ed (Arts- English/Lit), Egerton University.  He has over 10 years working/consultancy experience in community mobilization and education and is a specialist on human rights education, behaviour change communication and civic and constitutional education and advocacy. He has worked with civil society organizations in Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Sudan, South Sudan, Libya, Angola and Zambia.

    Prior his appointment, he was the Executive Secretary of the Constitution and Reform Education Consortium ( CRECO) a network of 25 Civil Societies Organizations carrying out constitutional and civic education and human rights advocacy in Kenya. He has published many articles on constitutional and civic education issues in newspapers and magazines. His latest publication, Political Education for Civic Engagement in Kenya- A Citizen's Manual first published in 2011.

    He is a family man with four children.
  • Minister for Water, Irrigation & Environmental Services


  • Minister for Education & ICT

    Bio: Ruth has served the community for more than 20 years in agriculture and community development. She studied Political Science, Sociology and Business Administration majoring in the politics of agricultural development in Africa.

    She has written theses on The Politics of Agriculture in East Africa: Policy Changes for a Sustainable Future (Masters) and Food Production in Sub-Saharan Africa:The Role of Rural Women (Honors).

    Prior to joining the County Executive Committee, she worked as a secondary school teacher for 7 years, worked with Danida in agricultural development for 10 years, at the Kenya Coffee Producers Association (KCPA) as the CEO where she mobilized more than Ksh. 21 million in three years for implementation of various projects for coffee farmers throughout Kenya.

    The most recent assignment was initiating, mobilizing resources and managing Hope Development Centre in Mbooni West District, which is an umbrella for a children’s home, computer colleges and an ECDE teachers’ college.

    Ruth is a board member in Kyuu, Mbooni Boys and Mbooni Girls, a member of Kikima water project Committee and has initiated many projects in Mbooni West District via AIC. She has vowed to make food relief in Makueni County a thing of the past by implementing projects that will increase income earning opportunities at the household level.

  • Minister for Youth, Gender, Sports & Social Services

    Bio: Mrs. Rosemary Maundu holds a Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship from The Catholic University of Eastern Africa and a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Business Management from the same University.

    She has a wealth of experience in the banking sector having worked in Postbank as a Senior Accounts officer and a trained business mentor at The Inoorero University. Prior to her appointment she was consulting with Business Management Specializing in SME's ( Small and Medium Enterprises), Training and Mentoring which has transformed many loss making small businesses into profitable enterprises. Rosemary is a board member at Kiongwani Girls in Makueni County.

  • County Secretary

    Bio: Mr. Wambua holds a Masters of Business Administration Degree with a major in Finance from UoN and a degree in Business Administration in Finance. He is a fellow of the  Institute of Certified Public Secretaries of Kenya.

    In 2012, he was awarded the Moran of the Burning Spear (MBS) by the President of Kenya for his outstanding contribution to the nation building.He has worked  with Kenya Posts & Telecommunication, Lecturered at Multimedia University and is an examiner at KASNEB. He was party to conceptualization of the framework that led to the formation of the International Federation of Company Secretaries (IFCS) in Delhi where he sits as a Board Member.

    He served as a the Secretary and the Chief Executive of the Institute of Certified Public Secretaries of Kenya and is a Board Member of the Public Procurement Administrative Review Board and also the Honorary Secretary- Association of Professional Societies in East Africa (APSEA).

    He is a Board Member of Mbuvo, Kathonzweni Boys and Kathonzweni Girls secondary schools, all in Makueni County. He brings with him limitless wealth of experience and expertise in finance and administration to the Government of Makueni County.