The Department of Education Youth Sports and ICT is conducting an Advanced ICT Training under the Tusomeei Computer Nduani programme.

Tusomeei Computer Nduani is an ambitious initiative by the Government of Makueni aimed at promoting youth access to ICT as tools for sustainable development.

The Advanced ICT training intends to equip youth with computational thinking and problem solving skills in order for them to succeed in an ever changing Digital world. The training will look into issues and challenges that youth face which ensures that youth in Makueni have access to 21st century learning skills for their education, leadership and eventually allowing them to effectively compete for global job opportunities.

The training will target 120 young people from the sub-ward level from 7th to 26th April, where they will be hosted in Wote Technical Training Institute. The graduates from this course will be employable, have hands on skills to create websites, design digital print, solve technical computer problems or look at computer networks.The youth will be ripe for start-up ventures, using their learned computer skills.

The youth will need to meet the following Criteria to be eligible for training:-

  • Participants must be over 18 years and have basic ICT training
  • S/he must be keen and interested in advancing in ICT
  • Available for 3 full weeks

What will the Trainees achieve?

The ICT advanced courses that the youth selected for training will have an option to select from and advance in, Is as follows:

  • Computer Graphics,
  • Networks,
  • Computer hardware and software,
  • Web design

Participants will be taken through to online work, entrepreneurship and life skills (Employability skills, HIV/AIDS, Drugs and Substance Abuse).

All trainees who finish the training will get certified in the area of ICT  they selected for training.