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Tree Growing and Conservation Awards

The grand award of celebrating the Kenyan Heroes in Tree Growing and Conservation 2017 was a premier event organized by Kenya Forest Service at the Headquarters of Karura Forest being officiated by Her Excellency Margret Kenyatta.

Fifty-nine conservationists and tree growers among them the County Government of Makueni were recognized for the effort and determination of making the Kenyan Forest cover rise to 7.4per cent from 6.9per cent in 2010. The objective of the initiative is to turn the forest cover from 7.4percent to 10per cent as per the Vision 2030.

The awardees were drawn from the 47 counties since 514 members had applied. They all went through a panel. Evaluation was done from the headquarters depending on the three ecological zones and amount of rainfall each area receives.

Awardees who included individuals, schools, cooperates, groups of disabilities, community, farmers, state agencies and counties received medals and certificates.

Her Excellency first lady congratulated the awardees citing the huge benefits and the various roles that forests play all over the world and playing a key role to balance nature.

The Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Natural Resources Pro. Judi Wakhugu said the 70per cent of Kenyans who depend on fuel exerts pressure on our forests.

The minister of Water Irrigation and Environment, Makueni County Mr. Douglas Mbilu accompanied his team to celebrate and receive the award of the life-size achievement for the Directorate of Environment.


Mr. Mbilu interacted with Pro. Judi Wakhugu, the Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Natural Recourses with whom they shared different tactics in their field of work bearing in mind they both head the department of Environment in County and National Government respectively.

Speaking on phone to the local radio stations Mr. Mbilu was overwhelmed for the achievement they have got so far as a directorate and urged the residents of Makueni County to conserve the environment and protect the reafforesteted hills.


Report by: Claudia Katheu.