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Day: September 21, 2018

Kenya Volleyball Federation (KVF) National League and Makueni County Tournament

KVF in conjunction with the Government of Makueni County will host the 7th Leg of the 2018 Edition and thereafter the Makueni County tournament at Unoa Sports ground in Wote town.

This is the second time after hosting the 6th Leg of 2017 Edition, an indication of the confidence that KVF gained on the County Government’s ability to host an event of this magnitude.

We love such events so that our players and fans can have an opportunity to watch the elite clubs in the National League and also have experience to play against them during the tournament.

We thank our supporters who came in a big way: KCB, Wote branch and Nairobi Bottlers Ltd.

Welcome to Makueni County.