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Community stakeholders inducted on development best practices

At least 2000 development stakeholders from across the county on Thursday were inducted on development best practices geared towards mindset change for sustainable development.

According to Governor Kibwana who presided over the event at ATC-Kwakathoka, the paradigm shift in development will entail moving from doing small projects everywhere with little impact to medium and mega projects and programmes with bigger impact.

This is aimed at intensifying the trickledown effect of projects and programmes and achieving economies of scale. This will be coupled with the value for money principle.

Kibwana further noted that it makes economic sense when projects and programmes are jointly funded in regions that experience the same development needs and have both similar geographic and demographic characteristics.

This involves moving from ward or Sub-County specific kind of development to inter-ward or inter-sub-county development implementation.

One of the key objectives of this development paradigm shift is moving from focusing on the completeness of a project to the utility and benefits accruing to the citizens.

“We are not only interested in the completeness of projects but their impacts. We must make our programmes and projects meet the needs of our citizens, it is a commitment we have resolved to deliver,” said Kibwana.

The event was also graced by deputy governor Adelina Mwau, Makueni MP Daniel Maanzo, members of the County Executive Committee and the County Assembly.