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Local farmers benefit from Goat Improvement Program for increased household income

At least 400 farmers from Kikumbulyu South Ward on Wednesday benefited from goat improvement programme that is aimed at increasing milk production and household income.  The initiative involved provision of Galla breeding bucks and does and capacity building of the farmers on best goat management practices. The Galla goats were also vaccinated against Contagious Caprine pleuropneumonia (CCPP) by a Vet doctor before the distribution exercise. 
According to livestock and  veterinary experts, the Galla breed has a faster growth rate, has higher market weight and produces higher milk yields, compared to the Small East African Goat, the dominant breed in the ward.
The distribution of the Galla breed was commissioned by Deputy Governor Lucy Mulili who was hosted by Agriculture Executive Joyce Mutua and Area MCA Jades Kalunda at Mkamba cultural Centre in Mikiyuni.
Mulili lauded the initiative and urged the farmers to invest massively in the best breeding practise to improve livelihoods.  Mutua called on Makueni residents to prioritize agriculture, irrigation and livestock projects during this year’s public participation process.