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10 villages in Muvau-Kikumini to benefit from Sh 50M Rehabilitated Ndukuma Earth Dam

Ten villages in Muvau-Kikumini ward are set to benefit with sustainable water supply for both domestic use and micro-irrigation from the newly rehabilitated Ndukuma earth dam. The ten villages are Ndukuma, Kaseve, Nthembe, Mandoi Miteveni, Wendo, Munyuni, Nzaai, Kiatine and Mumbuni .
Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jnr on Tuesday officially flagged off rehabilitation works for restoration of the dam to its original capacity after years of silting.
The department of Water and Sanitation began the works on 21st November 2022 using own machinery and has hired more from the National Youth Service (NYS) to speed up completion before onset of the March-May rains. The dam is expected to be complete by 24th March 2023 and will have cost Kshs 50 Million.
When complete, the dam reservoir will have a holding capacity of 365,000 cubic meters of water (365,000,000 litres) up from the current 162,000 cubic meters capacity after many years of silt accumulation.