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A Makueni Mountaineer, Bound to Climb Mt. Everest over Climate Change.

Dr. Faith Mwende a mountaineer from Kilungu, Makueni County on Thursday was officially handed over the Makueni flag by Makueni Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jr to a long journey to summit Mt. Everest, the highest mountain in the world with the aim of creating awareness of the unprecedented speed and magnitude of climate change, mental health, and promote peace.
Mwende, a mental health champion who has climbed major mountains in Kenya says that her passion for mountaineering started while growing up in the hilly region of Kilungu.
“I want to showcase the beauty of Makueni County. When I was going up Mt. Kilimanjaro for the 3rd time, I realized an increase in snowfall and also found a lot of litter. If you’re not at peace with the environment then it leads to mental health,” Mwende said
Governor Mutula speaking during the ceremony asked her to become a Makueni climate change champion saying that Makueni had been adversely affected by the effects of climate change.
Makueni has of late faced sand flooding, cutting down of trees, and burning of forests in areas such as Nzaui hills, Makuli Forest, and Katende, among other forested regions.