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Mtito-Andei: May 3, 2024

Agriculture Chief Officer, Dr. Victoria Kyallo has officially concluded a 5-day training workshop for county extension officers on Participatory Integrated Community Development (PICD) for the National Value Chain Development Project (NAVCDP). 

The training sought to empower extension officers with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively introduce the project to their communities, and ensure active community participation by identifying key issues and opportunities and devising suitable interventions.

NAVCDP, a 5-year initiative, is focused on increasing market participation and value addition for farmers in specific value chains including mango, dairy, poultry, tomato, and apiculture (bee-keeping).

The PICD process emphasizes public participation, enabling all members of the community from the 30 wards to contribute to the identification of community problems and suggest potential interventions under the project. This inclusive approach aims to ensure that interventions are tailored to local needs and are thus more effective.

Following the conclusion of the workshop, extension officers will embark on a 21-day interaction period with farmers across all wards in the county. This period aims to foster community ownership and ensure the successful implementation of the project. 

Dr. Kyallo emphasized the importance of the PICD process, describing it as a fundamental activity that forms the foundation of the project. By engaging the community from the onset, PICD ensures that interventions are not only relevant but also sustainable in the long term.