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In the current financial year, we have graded 772 kilometers of roads, opened and widened 286km of new roads and gravelled 79km. We have also rolled out roads for water (green roads) initiative focusing on harnessing road runoff water for agricultural purposes ~ Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jr.

Water has always remained our priority. Immediately we assumed office, we launched massive programs towards the provision of water through construction of dams, drilling and equiping of boreholes and water distribution to connect water to communities in the Last Mile water development project known as “Kunyaiikua Kiw’u Nduani na Misyini”

Besides the flagship projects, we have constructed smaller dams with a combined capacity of 550,000 cubic meters, laid 208 kilometers of pipeline for distribution and drilled and equiped 47 boreholes~ Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jr

In the Financial Year 2024/2025, we have allocated Kshs 1 Million in each ward to support land succession targeting 20 households in each sub-ward. The program will support the vulnerable and poor households in accessing title deeds targeting over 10,000 title deeds ~ Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jr

Early this year, my government confirmed 497 ECDE teachers into permanent and pensionable terms in phase one of the exercise. We have budgeted for phase 2 where the remaining teachers will be confirmed ~Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jr #KenyaAt61