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Eng. Sebastian Kyoni, the CECM for Infrastructure, Transport, Public Works, Housing and Energy has launched the improvement of critical road networks in Thange Ward, Kibwezi East sub-county.

Emphasizing the government’s steadfast commitment to enhancing connectivity for development, Eng. Kyoni highlighted the significance of road infrastructure in facilitating access to vital services and fostering economic growth.

The road enhancement project, slated for completion by the end of February, encompasses approximately 13.6 kilometers of various routes, including:

  1. Kiuukuni – Kwa Kolovoi to Utithi
  2. PCEA Kasasule (Kwa Lilo) – Miuumoni – Mbosinia – Metava – Kwa Lilo
  3. Kiuukuni – Kasasule
  4. Kikunduku – Nzouni
  5. Kavitha – Kwa Maswii – Kyuasini
  6. Ivoleni Primary – Kathekani – Kwa Kivilita

The project combines government own machines and hired equipment, reflecting a collaborative effort to effectively enhance infrastructure for the community’s benefit.

Further, the department will implement the following projects in the same ward within February and March 2024,

  1. Installation of 8 lines of culverts at critical spots.
  2. Heavy grading of Machinery – Makongeni – Nzavoni Ndivuni – Kwa Veneti – Muusini – Maikuu covering 26 KM
  3. Gravelling of Ithaayoni – Kwa Chullu – Kwa Kavuu spanning 2.6 KM
  4. Gravelling of Machinery, Kinyambu and Manyanga towns.

Under the Housing and Energy section, the department is keen to finalize the installation of solar lights in 9 markets within the ward and Usalama rural electrification scheme that targets 178 beneficiaries (households and institutions) under the matching grant program in partnership with REREC before end of March 2024.