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In Mutweamboo, Kasikeu ward, the County Government of Makueni is spearheading an effort to construct an Ksh. 11-million drift, involving individuals of all demographics.

This project is intended to connect remote villages like Mutweamboo, Kwandiki, Lumu, and Enguli to Kasikeu town and the Mombasa Highway, facilitating access to vital services such as markets, administrative offices, and healthcare facilities.

Expected to open the local economy upon completion, the CECM Infrastructure, Transport, Public Works, Housing and Energy Eng. Sebastian Kyoni further disclosed a budget of Ksh 28 million designated for road repair and maintenance in the ward this fiscal year.

The project will encompass contracted works, County Government equipment deployment, and labor-based initiatives, empowering the community and fostering sustainable development.


Eng. Sebastian Kyoni, the CECM for Infrastructure, Transport, Public Works, Housing and Energy has launched the improvement of critical road networks in Thange Ward, Kibwezi East sub-county.

Emphasizing the government’s steadfast commitment to enhancing connectivity for development, Eng. Kyoni highlighted the significance of road infrastructure in facilitating access to vital services and fostering economic growth.

The road enhancement project, slated for completion by the end of February, encompasses approximately 13.6 kilometers of various routes, including:

  1. Kiuukuni – Kwa Kolovoi to Utithi
  2. PCEA Kasasule (Kwa Lilo) – Miuumoni – Mbosinia – Metava – Kwa Lilo
  3. Kiuukuni – Kasasule
  4. Kikunduku – Nzouni
  5. Kavitha – Kwa Maswii – Kyuasini
  6. Ivoleni Primary – Kathekani – Kwa Kivilita

The project combines government own machines and hired equipment, reflecting a collaborative effort to effectively enhance infrastructure for the community’s benefit.

Further, the department will implement the following projects in the same ward within February and March 2024,

  1. Installation of 8 lines of culverts at critical spots.
  2. Heavy grading of Machinery – Makongeni – Nzavoni Ndivuni – Kwa Veneti – Muusini – Maikuu covering 26 KM
  3. Gravelling of Ithaayoni – Kwa Chullu – Kwa Kavuu spanning 2.6 KM
  4. Gravelling of Machinery, Kinyambu and Manyanga towns.

Under the Housing and Energy section, the department is keen to finalize the installation of solar lights in 9 markets within the ward and Usalama rural electrification scheme that targets 178 beneficiaries (households and institutions) under the matching grant program in partnership with REREC before end of March 2024.


Makueni County Transport Safety Committee on Thursday held a sensitization meeting among public transport operators and other transport and road safety stakeholders in a bid to bolster road safety, especially during the Christmas holidays.

The focus on strict adherence to speed limits, prohibition of overloading, mandatory insurance coverage, addressing infrastructure concerns, and zero tolerance for driving under the influence of alcohol and other substances demonstrated a comprehensive approach to road safety.

The commitment of Deputy County Police Commander SSP Johnstone Mwarigha and CECM Devolution Japheth Mang’oka to implementing stringent measures and taking severe action against offenders sent a clear message that violations will not be tolerated.

The meeting was graced by Transport Executive Eng. Sebastian Kyoni and also attended by Mr. Paul Mbuchi from NTSA.


In a cutting-edge educational program on renewable energy knowledge, the Government of Makueni County through the Energy Directorate led 30 Ward Energy Champions(WECs) drawn from the 30 wards on a 2- day benchmarking visit to Kitui County. 

The benchmarking program led by CECM Infrastructure, Transport , Public Works, Housing and Energy Eng. Sebastian Kyoni was aimed at equipping the WECs with the latest insights and skills needed to thrive in the evolving green energy sector. Amongst the centers visited are:

1. Kitui Energy Center where WECs learnt about quality and affordable renewable energy technologies e.g green energy, Bio-gas, Solar, wood fuel and cook stove

2. Kenya Water Institute, Kitui Campus.

3. Briquette making machine.

In a bid to bridge the gap between theoretical understanding and practical application, the educational program aimed at shaping the Makueni County’s future on renewable and sustainable energy solutions. 

#RenewableEnergy #EducationForChange


Superior Homes Kenya has today broken ground for the construction of a KSHS 350 million modern roadside stopover complex at Sultan Hamud town along the Nairobi-Mombasa highway that will provide all-in-one safe and secure resting points for long-distance truck drivers; thanks to Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jr efforts of wooing investors into the County.
Dubbed Supastop, the truck drivers stop will feature modern amenities for long-distance transit drivers, including safe and secure parking, fuel station, decent and affordable accommodation, a variety of affordable eateries, convenience stores, clean restrooms, clean showers, prayer rooms, and a health facility, all in one development. Supastop will also offer other services including truck and other vehicle maintenance and repair, driver training, and logistics services.
Superior Homes intends to tap into the market gap of inadequate and informal truck stop facilities in Kenya by providing self-contained service & rest point areas to truck drivers along the various transit routes within the country, with the development at Sultan Hamud being the pilot for a further 30 proposed locations along the Northern Corridor.
Sultan Hamud is identified as a major parking spot for long-distance trucks with an estimated 300 trucks parking along the roadside every night. It is the center of a 145 km stretch between Mtito Andei and Salama but has been lacking decent accommodation facilities for long-distance transit drivers.
Speaking at the launch ceremony Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jr commended Superior Homes Kenya for the timely and innovative initiative that will also help address the issue of driver fatigue – one of the biggest causes of road accidents.
“One of the biggest causes of road accidents is driver fatigue. When you offer long-distance transit drivers a secure parking spot, decent and affordable accommodation that will be a way of ensuring road safety,” the governor said
He continued, “Initiatives like this will always get our support and we encourage other players to join in implementing such long-term initiatives that are key in boosting the growth of Makueni County and the logistics industry at large,”.

Makueni signs an MOU with Strathmore, WRI, edges in renewable sources of energy

H. E Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jr on Tuesday officially closed a two-days training involving chief officers on integrated energy planning and budgeting.
The closing ceremony was crowned with the signing of an MOU between the World Resources Institute (WRI), Strathmore University, and the Government of Makueni County.
The MOU outlines Makueni’s partnership on development and implementation of an Integrated County Energy Plan that gives guidelines on renewable energy resources, productive use of renewable energy and financing of County energy programs in the next 5 years.
Present during the ceremony were Ms Wanjira Mathai (Managing Director Africa and Global Partnerships -WRI), Prof Izael Da Silva (DVC Reasearch and Innovation – Strathmore University), Eng. Sebastian Kyoni (CECM Infrastructure, Transport, Public Works and Energy), Stanley Nthiw’a (County Attorney), the county solicitor, among others.

Reprieve as accident response vehicle for Mombasa-Nairobi highway, Makueni stretch is received

Road crash victims between Mtito-Andei and Malili have better chance of recovery, and even avoiding death since they will be receiving quick medical treatment at the scene of an injury before quickly getting rushed to hospital as H.E governor Mutula Kilonzo Jnr receives a road Traffic Accident Response vehicle for the section.
The vehicle came as a result of partnership between the County and Polish Aid.
It will be stationed at Makindu Fire Station, a central place for responding to accidents and will be able to reduce the severity of injuries suffered.
The vehicle is fitted with 2 hydraulic pumps, a hydraulic cutter, a ram and spreader, trauma bags, extension ladders, and a stretcher. All firefighters who are to operate the vehicle have been trained in basic life support and road traffic accident techniques.

Opening up roads to enhance communication and trading activities

In an effort to enhance communication and trading activities in Makueni and Kibwezi West sub counties,Deputy Governor H.E Lucy Mulili on Friday launched construction of the the 31.5 kilometers Kwa Mutula road,a critical road linking Mbitini,Emali all through to Kasikeu wards.
In her speech to the residents at Kwa Mutula Market,Mulili stated that upon completion in three months time,the road is expected to open up Makueni-Kibwezi West’s food basket to the rest of the county.
To urbanize the region even further, the Deputy Governor reiterated Governor Mutula administration ‘s commitment to elevate Emali-Sultan Municipality status.
She reported that roads are an enabler of development and a driver of the economy by providing linkages between farmers and markets.
Deputy Governor was flanked by Speaker Douglas Mbilu, ECMs Sebastian Kyoni(Roads and transport),Daniel Musila(Health), chief officers Stephen Ndolo(health),Eng.James Muli(roads) Mcas, Cosmus Mutunga (Emali-Mulala) Benard Mutua(Mbitini) among other leaders.