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Our functions & Mandate

Information Communication Technology (ICT)

The Mandate of the ICT directorate is to apply Information Technology to transform the Management and operations of Makueni County. This is anchored on development of citizen oriented services and enhanced service delivery of other arms of Government. The directorate is charged with the responsibility of developing, maintaining and sustaining ICT systems within the County Government. This includes but not limited to development of automated application portfolios, network infrastructure and troubleshooting of these systems to ensure that they are operational at all times.

ICT systems are deployed to serve various public needs and ultimately result in reduced turn-around time, reduced corruption, increased transparency, greater convenience, revenue growth and cost reduction. All this translates to operational efficiencies and effectiveness in customer service delivery.

The directorate is composed of:

Applications Development

The ICT Applications Section provides value added services in the government for increased efficiency, effectiveness and transparency, through the development and implementation of ICT solutions. Utilization of software applications and systems in key areas like public participation, health, tourism, agriculture, education, and e-commerce.


Telecommunications And Networks

The telecommunications and networks section deals with installation, configuration and maintenance of telecommunication equipment, wireless networks, and LAN/WANs.


ICT Technical Support

This section is involved in installation, configuration and maintenance of computer systems, specifications design and basic user training.

ICT Projects & Capacity Building

This section is charged with management of County ICT Centers, community and staff ICT training.

Makueni Tech and Innovation Hub -  Building toward an innovative ecosphere

Makueni Tech and Innovation Hub is geared at fostering and scaling-up innovation in Makueni County. The hub aims at allowing enterprise creation, supporting employment and competitiveness by providing open spaces where entrepreneurs, startups, young innovators and programmers can find training, mentoring, technical expertise to design market solutions to local challenges.


Women in STEM, Kids and Teens Bootcamps, Makueni hub academy – coding trainings/IOT/cisco/IBM, Techpreneurship, E-learning, Webinars.

    The mandate of the County technical training institutes is management of all County training institutes in the County Government. Specifically the directorate deals with the following;

    • Management of Technical Training Institutes including Youth Polytechnics by implementation of policies, development of policy guidelines, rules and regulations
    • Implement programmes supported by various development partners.
    • Supervision and Administration of management of Youth Polytechnic Training Staff
    • Implement  Quality Assurance and Standards (QAS) recommendations to improve  quality and  standards
    • Promote ICT integration and Youth Innovations
    • Management of Instructors and development of the human resource in the technical institutes

      The Mandate of Support to Education

      Ensure scholarships and bursaries are awarded in a timely and fair manner, to the needy pupils across the County who are in secondary, universities, colleges and technical training institutes.