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Day: June 8, 2018

Hope for cotton farmers as Kibwana moves to revive cash crop

Makueni Governor Prof Kivutha Kibwana has launched campaigns for the revival of cotton farming in the county.

Talks are in top gear to initiate the revival of cotton farming with mobilization targeting previous cotton sectors in the area already launched.

Addressing delegates at the Business to Business Forum held at the Kusyombunguo hotel in Wote Town on Thursday Prof Kibwana said efforts are being made to revive the cash crop killed by mismanagement of the industry during the Kanu regime.

 He said the Department of Agriculture has been mobilizing farmers to sensitize them about ongoing efforts to restart the cash crop farming in the area.

“We want to revive the cotton sector, here in Makueni it used to thrive in the past and we must find a way of getting it back,”Prof Kibwana said.

He said that a number of stakeholders in the sector have been contacted and that they have already expressed interest in working with the county government to support the cotton farming revival.

Said Prof Kibwana: “We had a meeting yesterday with farmers. We have begun sensitizing our farmers to go back to cotton farming.”

The governor called on local parents to allocate land to their young children interested in cash crop farming.

Agriculture ECM Lawrence Nzunga said the department was keen on supporting the revival of cotton farming in Makueni saying it was an activity with great potential for the local residents.

“We are talking to people about it. We are happy that many are getting interested and experts are already here to provide professional guidance as we plan the revival,” said Mr Nzunga.

Delegates from various counties participated in the forum organized by Kenya Crops and Dairy Market Systems Activity and sponsored by FeediFuture and USAID.

I get treated in our Local Public Hospitals when unwell: Kibwana

Makueni Governor Prof Kivutha Kibwana has revealed he has always sought treatment from public hospitals within the county due to quality services provided by various local health institutions.

Unlike his colleagues known for seeking treatment abroad Prof Kibwana said he at one point went through a successful slight operation from the Makueni Level 4 hospital, saying improved health services in various public health facilities in the county has made local institutions preferable.

“I get treated in our hospitals here.When I fall sick I go to the Level Four hospital and when I get unwell when in Nairobi I go to hospitals there.

Many of our staff also go to our public hospitals here in Makueni despite having enrolled in various medical schemes. It shows we have confidence in our institutions,”Prof Kibwana said.

The governor who was speaking during the Health Workers Excellence Awards Ceremony held at Kwa Kathoka to honour successful employees of the county’s department of health said Makueni medical staff had generally performed well in the implementation of programs under their mandate.

“Even though we are recognizing people here who made it.There are many others who are not here but who also contributed to this success,”Prof Kibwana noted.

He singled out the implementation the Universal Health Care program saying it had propelled the county to higher levels nationally.

“I am really very happy to join you this morning as we celebrate the achievement of various health department staff. Indeed you have made Makueni proud,”the governor said.

He said the successful Universal Health Care program was initiated by the leadership of the department and congratulated them for coming up with a largely successful idea.

Prof Kibwana said he was keen on major improvements in the local healthcare systems for the benefit of the people before his retirement as governor.

He also urged the department to ensure revenue obtained through charges levied on NHIF card holders was collected and used to support infrastructural development in various hospitals.