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Day: June 28, 2019

Makueni Inks deal with WFP to promote Agriculture

Makueni County has penned a deal with World Food Programme (WFP) to promote Sustainable Food Systems in the County.

The five-year program, based on a 50-50 funding for multi sectoral value chains development, was signed by governor Kivutha Kibwana and WFP deputy country director Lara Fossi in Nairobi on Friday.

The program targets smallholder producers, youth, market and supply chain actors, food-insecure and vulnerable populations to benefit from sustainable, resilient inclusive food systems and meeting food and nutrition needs by 2023.

The deal seeks to among others;

Promote the scaling up of climate resilient technologies and best practices for improved and sustainable Smallholder food production systems;

Enhance sustainable rangeland management for improved livestock production and enhanced community resilience;

Strengthen the resilience capacity of communities on climate risk management through livelihood diversification and linkage to financial and insurance services;

Improve market and supply chain linkages, including reduction of post-harvest losses and opportunities for value addition and;

To strengthen technical and institutional capacity to deliver sustainable hunger solutions and building community resilience.

Some of the expected outcomes of the partnership are:

Scaling of rainwater harvesting (RWH) and irrigation management technologies;

Rehabilitation and Management of 10,000 acres of degraded rangeland;

Increased access to safe and reliable water for both domestic, livestock and irrigation use and;

Strengthening of community capacity to maintain and sustain water structures.

By end of the five years, the deal will have benefitted at least 44, 000 residents directly and over 200,000 indirectly.

The range of activities as outlined in the deal will cover; Kathonzweni, Kitise/Kithuki, Mavindini, Masongaleni, Ivingoni/Nzambani, Makindu, Kikumbulyu North, Kikumbulyu South, Kalawa and Kiima Kiu/Kalanzoni wards.

Makueni County Report on Groups Mapping

The study found out that majority of the groups (67%) were formed in the last five years and over 70% of the groups registered with the national government, Ministry of East Africa community, Labor and Social Protection. Over 60% of the groups are involved in productive economic activities such as table banking, crop and livestock farming with the rest involved in social welfare activities.

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