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Makueni farmers to benefit from ‘Ndengu’ promotion

Makueni green gram farmers are set to reap big from the crop as the national government steps in to promote the crop as a model one for the county.

This was announced by Principal Secretary for Agriculture Hamadi Boga on Thursday during a county farmers’ field day at Kwa Kathoka KALRO farm, which the PS presided over on behalf of Cabinet Secretary Mwangi Kiunjuri.

The event was organized by the County Government in collaboration with the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Services (KEPHIS) and was meant to educate farmers on smart agricultural practices and the appropriate seeds for maximum productivity.

Boga said the people of Makueni would be given an opportunity to choose one model crop that the ministry would promote through farmer capacity building, marketing and other value chain linkages to ensure maximum profitability.

The farmers, under the guardianship of the Agriculture Executive Committee Member Lawrence Nzunga picked ‘Ndengu’ as their preferred model crop.

Governor Kibwana, who hosted the PS, said out of the county government’s support and that of its partners, the acreage under pulses ( Beans, cowpeas, green grams and Dolichos) in the county has increased to 255,432 hectares with an estimated value of over Sh 8 Billion.

Kibwana said the County is now focusing on grain processing with plans a foot to construct the Makindu Integrated Grain Processing Facility to add value to pulses and enable farmers access both local and export markets.