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Day: September 14, 2023

PS Kello Lauds Makueni’s Exemplary Farmer Profiling Exercise

Permanent Secretary State Department for Crop Development Kello Harsama has lauded Makueni for its exemplary Farmer profiling exercise.
PS Kello noted that Makueni was among the counties which had made commendable strides in the exercise which is ongoing across the country, aimed at collecting and documenting data on farmers.
He praised Makueni on Tuesday when he visited a number of farmers in Utangwa, in a bid to assess the progress of the exercise, noting that similar initiative had aborted in some counties due to malpractice in the recruitment of the agri-prenures.
He stated, ” We said we visit the counties that are progressing well in the farmer profiling. Makueni has done very well while in other counties the exercise was stopped due to malpractice in recruiting the enumerators.”
The exercise will close on 8th, October 2023  and officials called on farmers to avail as accurate information as possible.
The PS was hosted by Makueni Deputy Governor Lucy Mulili, Agriculture Executive Joyce Mutua and other senior county officials.
Mulili thanked the National Government for the support they had rendered to the county government, highlighting successful recruitment of the agri-prenures and dispatching of Sh 4.7 Million worth of cherry fund to Makueni coffee farmers.

A workshop focused on the validation of the Animal Feed Strategy.

Agriculture and Irrigation Chief Officer Daniel Ndolo on Tuesday officially inaugurated a crucial 3-day workshop focused on the validation of the Animal Feed Strategy.
The event, attended by key stakeholders in the agriculture and livestock sectors, marks a significant step towards ensuring sustainable and efficient animal husbandry practices in the county
The workshop, staged at Kusyombunguo is organized by the County  Department of Agriculture in collaboration with the State Department of Livestock and Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) aims to validate and refine the Animal Feed Strategy, which is poised to have a substantial impact on the agricultural and livestock industries.
In his opening remarks, Ndolo highlighted the importance of optimizing animal feed strategies for the benefit of both farmers and consumers.
 He stated, “Our commitment to modernizing agriculture and ensuring food security begins with the well-being of our livestock. An efficient and sustainable animal feed strategy is the cornerstone of achieving these objectives.Through this workshop, we aim to harness the collective expertise of our key stakeholders to enhance the quality and efficiency of animal feed production.”
Over the course of the 3-day workshop, participants will engage in intensive discussions, presentations, and collaborative sessions to:
    Evaluate the existing Animal Feed Strategy and identify areas for improvement.
    Review recent advancements in animal nutrition science and technology.
    Share best practices and success stories from within the industry.
    Develop a roadmap for the implementation and dissemination of the validated Animal Feed Strategy.
The workshop has attracted a diverse group of attendees, including farmers, researchers, industry representatives, policymakers, and Non-Governmental Organizations, all of whom play pivotal roles in the Agriculture and livestock industry.


A National Aerial Geological Survey has discovered deposits of Copper, Iron ore, Manganese and Graphite in Makueni County. 
Cabinet Secretary for Mining Salim Mvurya announced this discovery at Kyunyu village, Kathonzweni, when he toured one of the sites said to harbour copper deposits on Wednesday 13th, September, 2023, in the company of Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jnr and sector technocrats from both levels of government. 
This discovery opens a wide range of opportunities for job creation for locals while putting Kenya on a firm pedestal for economic growth, and a diversification from dependence on agriculture as the key economic driver.
The CS has ordered geological experts from the ministry to conduct a ground truthing exercise to verify the mineralization patterns and commercial viability of the deposits for exploitation.
Mvurya and Governor Mutula also closed illegal mining activities by unscrupulous and unlicensed miners who had already moved in at the Kathonzweni copper-rich area. 
Governor Mutula cautioned residents against selling their land saying they stood to reap huge financial benefits through compensation when mining begins.
The team also toured Kathekani in Mtito Andei said to contain graphite deposits, and where artisan mining activities are being undertaken.