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Mwau in talks with NGEC on collaboration

The National Gender and Equality Commission (NGEC) today held a consultative meeting on possible areas of collaboration between Makueni County and the Commission.

The commission chairman Dr Joyce Mwikali who was accompanied by Deputy Governor Adelina Mwau said the two institutions would partner on a number of relevant areas.

The DG requested for technical support for the development of a guiding tool for SGBV and gender mainstreaming in public participation,development processes, budgeting and implementation that will eventually lead to the creation of a mainstreaming policy.

A memorandum of understanding will be developed and signed during the official commissioning of the Makueni Gender Based Violence Recovery Centre scheduled for October this year.

NGEC Commissioners Dr. Gumati, Florence, Nyokabi and the Ag. Chief Executive Officer Sora Katelo noted that Makueni is the first county to have initiated dialogue on gender and inclusion.

Executive Committee Member for Gender Culture and Social services Dr. Geoffrey Makau was also present.

Five of 21 Suspects Linked to The Defilement Case of A 15-Year Old Pupil Transferred to Different Law Courts

Kilungu law courts senior resident magistrate Charles Mayamba has this morning referred five of the 21 suspects who allegedly defiled a 15-year-old pupil in Ilima Ward to different law courts within Makueni County.

Mathew Mumbu, a primary school teacher will on 24th of July 2018 be arraigned in Makindu law courts for the mention while Paul Musau, will have his case mentioned on 26th of this month at Tawa law courts.
Mayamba reported that his decision was arrived at from his previous ruling on the same case where he convicted a man for a life sentence.

‘’It would be detrimental and against the tenets of Justice for me to continue with these cases owing to documented opinion in my judgement in the other cases’’ he said.

Last month the magistrate also convicted a 30-year-old for 80 years in prison for defiling his five-year-old daughter.

Thirteen other suspects accused of defiling the class six pupil on different dates between February and May are still at large and the police are looking for them.
Fida Kenya sent two lawyers to give legal support to the complainant’s case.

Deputy governor Adelina Mwau who has been following the case keenly sat through the proceedings and expressed her satisfaction in the way the case is being handled.

She said that in the past, for years such cases were catching dust under magistrates’ watch while perpetrators roomed free.

‘’We have lost evidence in many cases without proper explanation but we are now registering our satisfaction in the way defilement cases are being handled in Makueni,” Mwau noted.

Mwau in meeting with women leaders to strategize on stemming children rights abuses

Makueni women leaders on Friday  held a consultative meeting to brainstorm on strengthening coordination, response and prevention of children rights violation.

The forum convened by the Deputy Governor Adelina Mwau brought together women County Executive Committee Members,MCAs,Chief Officers,Sub County Administrators and officials from the Maendeleo ya Wanawake organization.

Mwau asked members of the County Assembly to pass child protection policies that will soon be proposed by the executive and forwarded to the assembly for consideration.

“I want to urge the members of the county assembly in Makueni to pass Bills on child protection policies that the executive brings forward,”She said.

The DG who was speaking at the Hunters lodge in Makindu also said that a gender recovery center is also being set up at the Makueni level 4 hospital.

The deputy governor also urged the women leaders to sensitize the local residents to bring out social needs during county public participation for budgeting.

“Water and roads are very important to our lives, but most of the parents cannot afford sanitary towels for their children.So some are enticed into immorality to survive We can budget as a county and save our girls,’’ She said.

Mwau promised to consolidate both the county assembly and the executive so that they create awareness in the society.

“During our public participation  barazas this will be top in the list as we talk development,’’ She said.

The DG also proposed that the ministry of education trains the county ECDE teachers and the training programme be included in their performance appraisals.

She said that ECDE teachers mingle a lot with the baby class pupils whose rights gets violated in most cases.and they go silent on it.

Equality Now campaigns officer Florence Machio who was the facilitator urged the leaders to bring teachers and parents on board,saying that in most cases they are the first people to discover rights abuses against children.

“If teachers and parents are left out in this discussion, we will not have solved the delinquent matter. They need to know steps they need to take in case children are sexually abused’’ She said.

Machio said that corruption sometimes hinders the process, accusing some doctors of receiving bribes from the perpetrators to kill the evidence.

“She pleaded with the county government to create avenues in schools where proper structures can be put in place so that the children can highlight their plight freely.

Janet Kitung’a,a nominated MCA said she has been pushing to have members of the county assembly represented in the Court users committee for public participation in judicial processes.

According to the children’s officer in the county Ms Evelyn Kaluki, Makueni law court in Wote reported 22 cases of defilement, four incest cases and five rape cases to girls over eighteen years old but still in school in 2017.

In 2018 from January to June already 13 defilement cases  have been reported.

Mwau visits an assaulted woman at Makindu Level 4 Hospital

Makueni Deputy Governor Adelina Mwau yesterday visited a 25-year-old woman whose tongue was nearly cut by unknown people at Makindu level 4 hospital.

Grace Mwikali narrated her ordeal to the DG, noting that she went into a comma after the attack only to wake up several hours later outside Tumaini bar with her tongue daggling outside her mouth.

She said  that she had walked into the Tumaini pub in Makindu for a drink when the incident happened.

Ms Mwikali told the DG that she was attacked after relocating to an adjacent bar where she had been joined by two other friends.

“What followed after is still a misery to me because I cannot  remember anything but I can recall holding up my tongue from falling with blood oozing from my mouth at wee hours,” She said.

She explained to Mwau that friends who have visited her at the hospital have indicated that some suspects have been apprehended.

Ms Mwikali, the mother of two is said to have been picked by police officers on patrol and rushed to Makindu level 4 hospital where she has been receiving medication.

Mwau condemned the attack describing it as part of a sustained abuse against women and called on the police to apprehend all the attackers saying they had no right to abuse her.

“If they are found guilty let them be prosecuted and serve their punishment,” the DG said.

“As leaders we must initiate campaigns against alcoholism and create awareness, if we want Makueni to be a poverty free county,” she noted.

Mwau said that alcohol for women can be dangerous adding that they become more vulnerable for rape and attacks.

Dr. Khalid Kibwezi West sub-county medical officer of health said Ms Mwikali was brought to the hospital on May 25 by the police who picked her by the roadside.

“She wasn’t coherent on the first days but after her tongue stitched that is when she regained consciousness,”Dr.Khalid said.

Deputy Chief Justice and Deputy Governor condemn Kilungu Minor’s gang rape

Deputy Chief Justice Phelomena  Mwilu has condemned an incident where a standard six pupil at Kilungu Ward was defiled by a gang of several men.

The girl is allegedly said to have been gang raped by 21 men,one of them alleged to be a primary school teacher.

Mwilu said that that acts of sexual offenses are highly punishable adding that those who commit such offenses against the young are supposed to be severely punished.

“When you molest a young girl.You should get  life imprisonment as punishment,” The Deputy Chief Justice said.

Mwilu who is also the deputy president of the Supreme Court urged magistrates not to be linient on those found to have committed sexual offenses especially those who violate children.

She said that magistrates have no options but to stick to the law when handling rape related cases.

She urged the society not to harbour or sympathise with those found to be violating others sexually.

“Parents should be cautious and remain watchful especially when children are out alone,”Ms Mwilu stated.

Makueni Deputy Governor Adelina Mwau, promised a psycho social aid and exclusive medical  support to the young girl.

Mwau expressed shock that grown men would molest and defile a  kid in turns terming it the most horrendous sexual act ever.

Defilement cases are on the rise  with Makueni recording an escalating trend.

She said that the County Government is putting up a gender based recovery center at Makueni level 4 hospital that will see GBV victims acquire psycho social support as well as proper treatment and care.

The two were speaking after a church service at St Patrick Catholic Church, Kyamatheka in Kaiti Constituency.