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Day: January 17, 2019

Makueni farmers to benefit from ‘Ndengu’ promotion

Makueni green gram farmers are set to reap big from the crop as the national government steps in to promote the crop as a model one for the county.

This was announced by Principal Secretary for Agriculture Hamadi Boga on Thursday during a county farmers’ field day at Kwa Kathoka KALRO farm, which the PS presided over on behalf of Cabinet Secretary Mwangi Kiunjuri.

The event was organized by the County Government in collaboration with the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Services (KEPHIS) and was meant to educate farmers on smart agricultural practices and the appropriate seeds for maximum productivity.

Boga said the people of Makueni would be given an opportunity to choose one model crop that the ministry would promote through farmer capacity building, marketing and other value chain linkages to ensure maximum profitability.

The farmers, under the guardianship of the Agriculture Executive Committee Member Lawrence Nzunga picked ‘Ndengu’ as their preferred model crop.

Governor Kibwana, who hosted the PS, said out of the county government’s support and that of its partners, the acreage under pulses ( Beans, cowpeas, green grams and Dolichos) in the county has increased to 255,432 hectares with an estimated value of over Sh 8 Billion.

Kibwana said the County is now focusing on grain processing with plans a foot to construct the Makindu Integrated Grain Processing Facility to add value to pulses and enable farmers access both local and export markets.

Makueni inks deal with Nairobi Women’s Hospital to establish recovery center

Makueni has officially unveiled a Sexual and Gender Based Violence Recovery Centre (SGBVRC) at the Makueni County referral hospital.

The facility, the first by a county government, was unveiled on Wednesday by nominated Member of Parliament Cecily Mbarire flanked by governor Kivutha Kibwana, founder and director of strategy  Nairobi Women’s Hospital Sam Thenya, Nairobi City County assembly speaker Beatrice Elachi, deputy governor Adelina Mwau and County MP Rose Museo.

Kibwana, on behalf of the County Government, also signed a five-year Memorandum of Understanding with the Nairobi Women’s Hospital which lays out a framework for collaboration between the two parties to develop, promote and strengthen joint actions and collaboration towards prevention and response to gender-based violence within Makueni County.

According to the MoU, The Nairobi Women Hospital Gender Recovery Centre will:

  1. Offer technical support and guidance on the establishment and management of the county referral hospital gender based violence recovery centre (GBVRC).
  2. Through consultation with the GMC, conduct capacity building on GBV prevention and response for key stakeholders involved in GBV management such as the healthcare providers, community structures and other relevant cadres or groups.
  3. Provide technical advice to the policy makers and those in the county relevant institutions on strengthening GBV prevention and response and institutionalization of policies.
  4. Collaborate with GMC to institutionalize the use of evidence informed interventions through activities such as baseline and end-line assessments, program reviews.
  5. Implement targeted community and learning institutions education awareness on GBV prevention and response in collaboration with GMC
  6. Collaborate with the county to support in monitoring GBV activities through quarterly stakeholders’ meetings and other appropriate approaches.
  7. Collaborate wth GMC in sharing GBV data to promote evidence based programming maintaining confidentiality of affected persons (Suvivors of gender based violence).
  8. At their cost, receive referrals for GBV specialized care and treatment 
  9. Participate in or facilitate GBV technical coordination group meetings
  10. Aassist in establishing linkages and networks including resource mobilization for the GBV program.