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Month: January 2023

Makueni Human-Wildlife conflict claimants to receive compensation

Makueni Human-Wildlife conflict claimants to receive compensation from March, CS Malonza says
Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jnr on Friday met Tourism, Wildlife and Heritage Cabinet Secretary Peninah Malonza to fast track pending compensation claims on human-wildlife conflict cases in Makueni.
The CS disclosed that plans are underway to settle the backlog of claims received by June 2022. She said: “We will pay the pending claims. I have already approved the budget and by march we should be starting the payments to claimants of loss of live and property cases.”
However, the Tourism CS decried of limited resources but her ministry is pushing for establishment of conservation fund as one of the ways of supplementing budget from the exchequer. Besides settling of the unpaid claims, Malonza said they were exploring ways to end human-wildlife conflict.
Malonza further announced that the government has already committed funds to electric fence the remaining section of Kitui Game Reserve bordering Masongaleni at River Athi. “I am happy that Makueni is already doing 93 Kilometres. We commit to do the remaining section that remains exposed at the kitui Game reserve,” said Malonza.
Governor Mutula sought for a collaboration with the ministry to assist the county in areas of tourism promotion, wildlife conservation and culture. Technical officers from the two teams are working together to establish specific areas of partnership ahead of official signing of their engagement.

Getting Health Priorities Right

Deputy Governor Lucy Mulili on Friday presided over the Annual Performance and Mid -Year Health Services implementation Review Workshop by the top county medical cadre in Mombasa.
The workshop brought together different health sector unit heads and the sub-county health teams, directors and the executive committee member to draw a roadmap of accelerating roll out of transformative health programs in line with Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jnr’s vision.
The workshop sought to among others: identify the 24-hour health services provision facilities at the ward level; review past performances, identify inherent gaps and strengths in service delivery as well as setting priorities for the 2023/2024 Financial Year.
Mulili said the current Makueni administration is keen on delivering the best quality attainable healthcare to the residents of Makueni using the available resources.

Makueni Tech and Innovation hub wins the innovation hub of the year award


On the 8th December 2022 Makueni Tech and Innovation hub a project by the County Government, was awarded the National Innovation Award in the category county government innovation hub of the year for the initiative to directly support innovators.

Makueni Tech and Innovation Hub aims to provide an open space for entrepreneurs and programmers to access. It also runs periodical innovation challenges tied closely with addressing local and global challenges. The hub has reached over 1000 through its initiatives geared toward building skills through and not limited to small scale manufacturing.

Some of the initiatives the hub has run in collaboration with its partners include:

  • Running of two Innovation challenges that have allowed cross learning with the innovation hubs beyond the county thus serving as a platform for county youth to think solutions for local problems and promotion of technology based ideas
  • Providing mentorship and training by reaching the unreached through two editions of the Kids tech bootcamps and Developers bootcamp with focus on encouraging women and young girls from highschools
  • Hosted the health innovation fair that would support the department of health realize solutions geared to prioritise and address its needs
  • Ran and hosted the regional innovation week a first for the region
  • Upskilling in small scale manufacturing through Emerging tech-3D printing, NoCode
  • Fostering an entrepreneurial spirit amongst youth in areas of business through Peperusha Maisha and in collaboration with local member hub for supporting women and enabling them digitally.
  • Support with funding to the top 10 awardees from the two innovation challenges
  • Sensitized the community on the start up bill
  • Working with Eco-system stakeholders to support the community such us Konza Technopolis, Communications Authority, University of Central Missouri, Association of Countrywide Innovation Hubs, IBM, Cisco, Google, Insight Health Advisors, KIPI and YASA


Makueni County Farmer Seed Multiplication Program

Ms Joyce Mutua , CECM Agriculture, irrigation, Livestock, Fisheries and Cooperative Development joined members of Ngamiteka CBO in Kibwezi West, Nguumo ward for the 1st  inspection of green gram community seed production.The certified green gram seed requirement for Makueni county stand at 903,352 kg against a supply of 361,340.8kg, by among others KALRO Katumani, Simlaw seeds ltd and dryland seeds. The low access to certified seeds causes farmers to plant own seed (uncertified) totaling to 542,011.2kg P.A hence poor production and increased grain market deficits.

To address the gap, ASDSP II funded an innovation proposal by Ngamiteka CBO to produce green gram community seed.  Makueni County with support from ASDSP II program partnered with Egerton University to provide technical support to Ngamiteka CBO to produce KS20 green gram seed variety. A total of 50 farmers each with 5 acres (a total 250acres) were identified in 16 ward and were supported with ripping services, training on seed production, provided with basic seeds, fertilizer, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, jute bags and inspection services.  Seed inspector from Egerton University visiting Ngamiteka CBO members for the 1st inspection of crop establishment. The 2nd inspection scheduled at mid-January 2023, followed by harvesting and storage of planting seeds in jute bags. The farmers are expected to produce 100 metric tons of KS20 green gram seed variety by February 2023.


Dr. Tuiyot, Seed Inspector conducting 1st crop inspection

Distribution of Pesticides to counter African Army worm outbreak

The CECM Agriculture, irrigation, Livestock, Fisheries and Cooperative Development Ms Joyce Mutua led a team of extension officers in fighting the African army worm in Kaiti and Kilome sub counties.The African Army Worm (AAW) Spodoptera exempta is the larva of a  migratory night flying moth hich is a pests of cereal crops and pastures. The economic importance of this pest is due to its rapid development, high reproductive capacity, and migration mobility.  Outbreaks are commonly preceded by extended drought and follow the onset of wet seasons when dry grasslands produce new growth and cereal crops are planted.The first incident of AAW outbreak was reported in Makueni County in Ivingoni Nzambani andMasongaleni wards in Kibwezi East Sub-County by end of November, 2022.  By mid-December 2022, the outbreak had spread in all sub counties. Following the outbreak, the county government in partnership with the National government, moved quickly to combat the pest and avert further damage to crops. A total of 650 litres of assorted chemicals, sprayers and Personal Protective Equipment have been issued to farmers in control the infestation and sensitize to farmers on mitigation measures. The support was distributed to the sub counties based the levels of infestation reported.


Joyce Mutua, ECM Agricuture led county extnsion officers in some parst of Kaiti and Kilome subcounties to provide technical support and supply farmers with pestcides in a move to contain the pest.