Tusomeei Computer Nduani Program

The Department of Education and ICT is conducting I.C.T training through the "TŨSOMEEI COMPUTER NDŨANI PROGRAMME" in the 30 wards across the county. This is a skill-based training that is being conducted in the 60 sub-wards by ICT4Development - Kenya (http://www.ict4d-kenya.org)  tailored to empower out-of-school youth in ICT. Besides the intended beneficiaries, the program has also attracted other groups of people such as area chiefs, asst. chiefs, primary school teachers and other senior members of the community.

The programme was officially launched on March 2nd, 2017 at Kitoto Primary School, Kalawa Ward in Mbooni Sub-county and is expected to run for the next 3 months as per the following schedule. 

Sub-county Expected Start Date No. of Trainees
Mbooni 27th February, 2017  
Kaiti 27th March, 2017  
Kilome 27th March, 2017  
Makueni 27th March, 2017  
Kibwezi West 27th April, 2017  
Kibwezi East 27th April, 2017  

At the end of every training session, there wil be a graduation where the trainees will be awarded certificates.


Some of the trainees appreciating the opportunity to learn ICT Skills in the sub-wards