Department of Health Services

  • To promote provision and progressive realisation of universal access to the preventive and promotive services addressing major causes of the disease burden due to communicable conditions
  • To put in place interventions directly addressing marginalised elderly persons and vulnerable, marginalised, and indigent populations affected by communicable conditions
  • To enhance comprehensive control of communicable conditions by designing and applying integrated health service provision tools, mechanisms, and processes such as, but not limited to, combatting existing public health concerns
  • To control vaccine-preventable diseases
  • To promote good hygiene and sanitation to control food and water- and food-borne diseases
  • To eradicate vector- and insect-borne diseases and other NTDs

To promote rational use of antimicrobials and other drugs, and the control of drug resistance to pathogens

  • To promote disease surveillance, epidemic preparedness and response
  • To strengthen health information systems for complete and timely reporting of communicable disease incidences;
  • To scale up implementation of high-impact health interventions and integrate them with the community health Strategy.
  • To increase knowledge to all people to increase control over their health and social health determinants.



Dr. Paul Musila

Dr. Kiio Ndolo
Chief Officer - Health Services


  • Partners coordination and Departmental Liaison officer
  • Reproductive Health services Coordinator
  • Mental health services coordinator/counselling services
  • Nutrition services coordinator
  • Rehabilitation services Coordinator
  • County Informatics coordinator
  • Head of Human resource
  • County Medical Laboratory services coordinator
  • County clinical officer
  • County TB/Leprosy Coordinator
  • County Malaria and Non communicable Diseases Coordinator
  • County AIDS and STI’s coordinator
  • Child Health services Coordinator
  • County Health promotion and medical outreaches coordinator
  • Head of nursing services/ EPI logistician
  • Monitoring and evaluation officer
  • Emergency services coordinator
  • Head of Environmental Health Unit
  • County Disease surveillance Coordinator
  • Community Health Strategy Services coordinator
  • School health services coordinator
  • County Pharmacist
  • County Non pharmaceutical coordinator
  • County Health Administrative officer and fleet manager
  • Head of Accounting services
  • Health records and information management services coordinator
  • Head of Supply Chain Management

Members of CHMT are in charge of various sections at the county level

The structure is replicated in the subcounties headed by the Subcounty Medical Officer of health.

The functions of the Department of Health are divided two building blocks

  1. Service delivery:
  • To maintain accurate and safe health records and information.
  • To achieve the highest level of Reproductive, Maternal, New-born, Child and Adolescent health (rnmcah) indicators.
  • To improve the nutrition status of the population.
  • To reduce the burden of non-communicable diseases on the community.
  • To implement a comprehensive community health strategy.
  • To improve and achieve highest level of health quality indicators.


  1. Infrastructure
  • Roll out universal health care
  • To optimize the use of health centres and dispensaries,
  • Operationalise medical laboratories in the health facilities.
  • Management of drugs and non-pharmaceutical commodities to ensure continuous supply
  • Expand and implement centres for comprehensive emergency obstetric and new-born care services by construction of maternity blocks and theatres
  • Construct staff houses for health care workers
  • Growing the human resources for health the meet the needs of the population
  • Increase number of health workers by improving capacity of the  KMTC campuses,
  • Procurement and installation of stand-by generators,
  • Keep community health units active to promote primary health care