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Our Departments

  1. Partners coordination and Departmental Liaison officer
  2. Reproductive Health services Coordinator
  3. Mental health services coordinator/counselling services
  4. Nutrition services coordinator
  5. Rehabilitation services Coordinator
  6. County Informatics coordinator
  7. Head of Human resource
  8. County Medical Laboratory services coordinator
  9. County clinical officer
  10. County TB/Leprosy Coordinator
  11. County Malaria and Non communicable Diseases Coordinator
  12. County AIDS and STI’s coordinator
  13. Child Health services Coordinator
  14. County Health promotion and medical outreaches coordinator
  15. Head of nursing services/ EPI logistician
  16. Monitoring and evaluation officer
  17. Emergency services coordinator
  18. Head of Environmental Health Unit
  19. County Disease surveillance Coordinator
  20. Community Health Strategy Services coordinator
  21. School health services coordinator
  22. County Pharmacist
  23. County Non pharmaceutical coordinator
  24. County Health Administrative officer and fleet manager
  25. Head of Accounting services
  26. Health records and information management services coordinator
  27. Head of Supply Chain Management

Members of CHMT are in charge of various sections at the county level

The structure is replicated in the subcounties headed by the Subcounty Medical Officer of health.