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This is our biggest referral health facility offering high quality specialist and general services to our people. 

Accident & Emergency (Casuality)

Quality objectives 2020-2021


  1. To reduce patients’ turnaround time for critical patients from 7.39 hours to 7.1 hours by 30thJune 2022.
  2. To conduct one service delivery charter audit by 30thJune 2022.
  3. To improve Customer Satisfaction from 63% to 70% by 30thJune 2022.
  4. To improve training of ATLS, ATCN and ACLS among doctors and nurses from 52.8% to 70% by 30thJune 2022.


  1. Receives emergencies on a 24 hour basis
  2. A&E is a busy department which attends to approximately 200-250 patients daily majority of whom are trauma patients. In line with Article 43 of the Constitution of Kenya, KNH provides emergency medical treatment to all patients brought to the facility as emergencies.
  3. Also handles referrals from within and outside the country, responds to national disasters and mass casualty incidences that happen in the country.


Functions of A&E

  1. Triaging of patients
  2. Provide emergency medical services to patients consulting and going to Emergency Department without prior appointment
  3. Treat unannounced patients-life threatening and routine
  4. Functions 24 hours, 7 days/365 days
  5. Cardiopulmonary resuscitative measures to patients with life threatening conditions
  6. Medical examination and assessment
  7. Medical treatment within the limits of the Emergency Department
  8. Referral to appropriate physicians for follow-up or definitive management after being seen in the emergency department
  9. Administration and feedback
  10. Public relations
  11. Relation with external hospitals
  12. Provide ambulance services
  13. Training and research
  14. Handling referrals from external facilities
  15. Management of patients’ surge
  16. Application of Plaster of Paris for fracture patients
  17. Issuance of drugs from our pharmacy
  18. Sample collection and analysis in the lab

Mental Health Department

Services Offered


The range of services provided at the department has expanded over time, currently these include:

  1. Child psychiatry services: This is a service offered to all children from 1-12 years who have neuro-developmental and other childhood psychiatric psychosocial disorders.  The clinic runs every Monday from 8.00am (except on public holidays) at the department premises.
  2. Adolescent (Youth) Friendly Psychiatric and psychosocial services – These services are provided at the Youth Centre on the ground floor of the Hospital Tower Block on all working days (Monday to Friday) from 8.00am.  The services are free of charge.
  3. Psychosocial and occupational therapy services
    1. Psychotherapy clinic – conducted on Tuesday mornings from 8.00am
    2. HIV counseling and testing (with or without giving a certificate) on every day of the week from Monday to Friday.
    3. Sexual and Gender Based Violence psychological and social services provided from Monday to Friday.
    4. Individual and family therapy – provided from Monday to Friday
    5. Group therapy session – These are held on a schedule
    6. Social services – provided by a medical social worker within the department from Monday to Friday
    7. Rehabilitative occupational therapy – provided on Mondays and Wednesdays during the clinic days.
  4. General Psychiatry services: Offered on Wednesdays from 8.00am within the department’s premises.
  5. Clinical psychology and counseling psychology student on attachments
  6. Liaison psychiatry and psychological services: Our clinicians are consulted to provide psychiatric and psychological services in other parts of the Hospital.

Main Events

World Mental Health Day – Commemorated on 10th October of every year

Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence – marked from 25 November to 10 December.

Nursing Department



To support the Medical Superintendent in achieving world class patient centered specialized healthcare by enhancing high standards of practice in specialized patient centered nursing services.




The division of nursing ensures high standards of nursing practice in the following activities:

  1. Nursing administration and management of nursing services
  2. Coordination and supervision of medical nursing services, surgical nursing services, specialized nursing services and nursing school.
  3. Recruitment and deployment and preceptor ship of new nurses
  4. Build nursing staff capacity and skill development
  5. Coordinate and collaborate healthcare services
  6. Advocate for timely clinical interventions and safe care
  7. Assets management within units/wards/clinics /theaters..
  8. Develop and control the nursing budget
  9. Participate in hospital budget projections and cost management
  10. Facilitate and coordinate nursing research and innovation
  11. Train nursing students and other allied professionals in the clinical areas
  12. Determine and maintain high standards nursing practice
  13. Maintain discipline, professionalism and nursing ethics
  14. Guide top management on nursing matters
  15. Participate in National policy development and other activities
  16. Offer counseling services to patients and family
  17. Endo-tracheal and oral pharyngeal suction services
  18. Artificial feeding services
  19. Skilled wound management
  20. Activities of daily living for the incapacitated patients
  21. Monitor patients response to treatment and disease
  22. Prevent/ identify clinical complications & intervene accordingly
  23. Identify & report medical errors for follow up and action
  24. Administer therapeutic medicine
  25. Provide pre, Intra and post-operative care to all surgical patients.
  26. Recruit and train post graduate student nurses on specialized courses i.e.
    1. Emergency nursing
    2. Critical care nursing
    3. Nephrology nursing
    4. Neonatal nursing services
    5. Peri-operative nursing



  1. NNAK events
    1. International nurses week
    2. Community service responsibility (visit destitute homes)
  2. Participate in hospital free medical camps and outreach services.
  3. Participate in nursing conferences e.g. NNAK, Individual nursing chapters (8)
  4. Nursing symposium annually.



Nursing division is divided into 3 arms for effective management. Each arm is further divided into departments for ease in supervision and nursing service coordination.

Out of the 17 hospital departments, nursing is structured into 10 departments by combining some, which are small. Chaplaincy is also structured under nursing leadership.

Surgical nursing division has 6 departments and 30 units while medical nursing division has 4 departments and 35 units. Nursing establishment is upto 1800 in number.

Nutrition Department

As a department we envisage the provision of patient centered specialized nutrition services in disease prevention and care.



To be a world class provider of patient-centered specialized nutrition services.



To optimize patient experience through innovative preventive and curative nutrition services; facilitate training and research, and participate in national nutrition health policy.


Nutrition mandate:

  1. Providing nutrition support to both in and out patients referred for specialized care.
  2. Facilitating in nutrition training and research
  3. Participating in national nutrition health planning and policy

Services offered

  1. Inpatient

Nutrition assessment & diagnosis; nutrition counseling & education; planning of therapeutic diets (both Enteral & Parenteral) in respect to the presenting medical or surgical condition.

  1. Outpatients
    1. Dietary Advisory Clinic– It is an adult nutrition clinic that offers nutrition services to patients with Diabetes, Renal, Hypertension, cancer, asthma, TB, HIV as well as those who require weight management regimen.
    2. Maternal and Child Health Nutrition Clinic – Growth monitoring, vitamin A supplementation/ Ready to Use Therapeutic Feeds(RUTF), nutrition counseling and education

To book appointments please contact the nutrition department using the contacts below.


Main Events

  1. Maternal Infant and Young Child Nutrition (MIYCN) Training
  2. World breastfeeding week
  3. Community Outreaches
  4. Team Building
  5. TOTs training in Nutrition Management of diseases

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Quality objectives

  1. To reduce maternal mortality in the hospital from 640/100,000 to 620,000 live births by 30thJune, 2022.
  2. To reduce turnaround time in caesarean section from 4.1 to 3.5 hours by 30thJune, 2022.
  3. To reduce turnaround time in Manual Vacuum Aspiration from 1.1 hours to 1.0 hours by 30thJune, 2022.
  4. To reduce ANC patients turnaround time from 2.5hrs to 2.0hrs by 30thJune, 2022.
  5. To increase proportion of patients scheduled for elective gynecological operations from 87% to 90% by 30thJune, 2022.
  6. To reduce turnaround time for treatment of cervical dysplasia from 10 to 8 days by 30thJune, 2022.
  7. To improve customer satisfaction index from 73% to 76 % by 30thJune, 2022.
  8. To reduce Mother to Child Transmission (MTCT) rate of HIV from 1.2% to 0.8% by 30thJune, 2022.

Services offered


  1. Antenatal clinic, maternity postnatal
  2. Caesarean delivery
  3. MVA
  4. 1D
  5. Fertility clinic
  6. Emergency gynae
  7. Gynae clinic elective surgery 1B
  8. Cervical cancer screening and treatment dysplasia
  9. Clinic 18
  10. Family planning
  11. Gender based violence
  12. VVF clinic

Main events


  1. Outreaches
  2. Screening of breast and cervical cancer
  3. Laparoscopy camp
  4. Breast and cervical cancer screening camp
  5. VVF camp

Radiology and Imaging

Radiographs, scans and images are important pieces of information that helps doctors diagnose medical problems ranging from a broken finger to cancerous growths. Senior Consultant Radiologists use advanced technology to take images of what is going on inside your body and share this information with your other doctors to complete the picture of your medical condition.

MCRH provides all types of imaging one might need to help diagnose their condition. We assign Senior Consultant Radiologists to read the images; they are experienced in the specific part of the body being scanned.

MCRH is focused on two things, when it comes to Radiology and Imaging-getting the best images possible to allow your team of doctors to help you, and ensure your comfort and confidence during your tests. The procedures provided can be paid either by cash or NHIF.


Sections and Services offered include:

  1. General X-ray

The under listed examinations are performed by highly qualified Radiology staff and reported by Consultant Radiologists. The images can be provided in hard copy or on Compact discs (CD). These examinations include;

  1. Chest
  2. Spine
  3. Abdomen
  4. Billiary System
  5. Urinary System
  6. Angiography
  7. GI System
  8. Hand
  9. Wrist
  10. Shoulders
  11. Humerus
  12. Clavical
  13. Foot
  14. Ankle
  15. Leg
  16. Knee
  17. Femur
  18. Hip
  19. Pelvic
  20. Scapula
  21. Skull

Special X-Ray (screening procedures)

These are special exams performed by fluoroscopic procedures. They are done by a Radiologist assisted by Radiographers. These are done by utilization of digital x-ray machines which provide high quality images that use sensitive detector and utilizes little dose to show the image through an instant image view on a computer screen and later printed for reporting by a Consultant Radiologist. They include;

  1. Barium meal
  2. Barium swallow
  3. Barium meal and follow through
  4. MCU (Micturating cysto-urethrogram)
  5. IVU (Intravenous urogram) 
  6. Pyelogram
  7. Sialogram
  8. Sonogram
  9. Fistulogram
  10. colostogram


CT (Computerized Tomography)

The unit has state-of-the-art machines that are 32, 64, and 128 slice machines that have a workstation where reports are done by a Consultant Radiologist. The machines are able to detect early diagnosis of the clients sent to the Department. The services provided can be paid either by cash or NHIF. The examinations done include;

  1. Head /Brain
  2. Neck
  3. Abdomen
  4. Chest
  5. Spine
  6. Neck
  7. Extremities
  8. Pelvic
  9. Angiography
  10. PNS (Postnasal Space)
  11. Pelvimetry
  12. CT IVU (Intravenous urogram) 
  13. CT guided Biopsies
  14. CT guided Aspirations and Drainages


Ultra Sound

It is a unit that operates 24hours. The staff in this unit provide instant reports. The examinations done are:- 

  1. Renal
  2. Abdominal
  3. Pelvic
  4. Obstetric
  5. Amniocentesis
  6. Doppler- Regional
  7. Bilateral Doppler
  8. Endo-rectal/ End-original
  9. Thyroid/Testicular
  10. Prostate
  11. Cranial
  12. Breast
  13. Abdominal/Pelvic.



It is state-of-the-art digital machine that provides high quality images that are 2D, 3D and Tomosynthesis. 





We provide free breast and cervical cancer screening services from Monday to Friday. We also offer free family planning education and HIV counseling and testing services within our clinic space in partnership with AMPATH. These services are sometimes offered outside MCRH during the many medical camps that we organize. In addition, we offer general cancer awareness education to all the people who walk in and just want their questions on cancer addressed.




Because the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) pays for most of the cancer services, including CT scans, MRI, Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy, admission bed fees, we have established an NHIF office at our clinic space. We encourage all patients, their relatives, friends and any other healthy visitors to enroll with NHIF as soon as possible so that they can benefit if needed.




We provide diagnostic services such as Fine needle aspiration cytology and biopsies including Bone marrow either at our clinic space or at designated hospital spaces. All patients are reviewed and advised appropriately.




We all types of current and effective chemotherapy at our spacious, comfortable and entertaining chemotherapy lounge under close monitoring by qualified and experienced nurses. We work closely with Surgeons, pathologists and Radiologists to ensure proper monitoring of response to chemotherapy.




We are pioneers in providing out-patient blood transfusion services at our clinic spaces. We have dedicated beds and staff to ensure safe out-patient blood transfusion.




We provide nutrition supplements as well as nutrition education including food security to all clients.




For patients with incurable disease, we provide best supportive care including home visits.




We conduct research to discover new ways of preventing, early diagnosis and comprehensive data treatment. Patients and their relatives are encouraged to ask whether there is any study for which they qualify. Participation is any research is voluntary and whether you participate or not, you will get the best care possible in our Department.

Rehabilitation Department



The objective of the School Health Unit is to provide health services   towards meeting the health needs of children in and out of school together with their teachers and parents and eventually the entire community considering that children act as  agents of change .



School health functions include the following:

a. Health education and promotion on the following thematic areas;

  1. Values and life skills
  2. Gender, growth and development
  3. Child rights and responsibilities
  4. Water sanitation and hygiene including promotion of hand washing with soap, safe drinking water, food hygiene, menstrual hygiene and environmental sanitation
  5. Nutrition
  6. Disease prevention and control for both communicable and non-communicable diseases
  7. Special needs , disabilities and rehabilitation
  8. School infrastructure and environmental safety


b. School Health Services

  1. Vitamin A supplementation
  2. Deworming
  3. Immunization
  4. Counselling services
  5. Provision of Personal hygiene products like menstrual health products
  6. Screening of diseases for example HIV Testing, TB screening, COVID 19 testing among others
  7. Vaccination, for example Human Papillomavirus Vaccine to girls

NOTE: The unit achieves the above in collaboration with other units in the department, other county departments/ ministries and other stakeholders.




The school health unit has been able to achieve the following:


  1. Training of 666 teachers both from primary and secondary schools on adolescent sexual and reproductive health and life skills
  2. Mentorship of 37,257 pupils/ students on adolescent, sexual and reproductive health and life skills
  3. Hosting the National Menstrual Hygiene Day in the year 2017.
  4. Mass deworming of all primary school pupils in 2018 where we reached 289,406 pupils (102% of the target)
  5. Formation of school health clubs in 279 primary schools



The unit plans to do the following:

  1. Deworm at least 80% of children under five years twice every year
  2. Form school health clubs in 50% of primary and secondary schools  by 2022
  3. Conduct sanitary inspections in all (1030) primary and all (418) secondary schools by 2022
  4. By 2023, reach at least 50% of adolescents and young adult with prevention and treatment of substance abuse, including narcotic drug abuse and harmful use of alcohol
  5. Work with the education sector to increase the percentage of schools with adequate sanitary facilities from 54% to 80% by 2022

COVID 19 Isolation Unit

The world is currently dealing with one of its worst pandemic in history. Towards the end of 2019, Wuhan, a city in the Hubei Province of People’s Republic of China reported a cluster of pneumonia cases. It rapidly spread, resulting in an outbreak and epidemic throughout China, followed by worldwide pandemic. The cause was later identified to be a corona virus designated severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). WHO designated the disease as Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)


 The first covid-19 case in Makueni County was reported on 31st June 2020 and as of 21st September 2021, 2141 Cases had been confirmed, of these cases 269 have been admitted and managed at the Makueni county referral hospital CTU. Before reporting of the index case in our county, a COVID 19 isolation and treatment unit (CTU) had already been established as directed by the Ministry of Health Kenya. This isolation unit has a bed capacity of 12 patients all with access to Oxygen supply. The unit has three well demarcated zone: Red zone where patients are managed from, yellow zone; where donning and doffing is done and a Green zone; which include staff lounge, nursing station, doctors room and is where the PHEOC is located.


Public Health Emergency Operations Center(PHEOC) was established early this year with support from Global Implementation Solutions (GIS) and the Kenya National PHEOC. Its core functions include coordinate incident information, plan for emergency response, mobilization of resources and prevent future public health emergencies.



Renal Unit

Today marks 3years and 9 months of dialysis program that has seen the facility successfully carry out 230-250 sessions per month.

It has a capacity of five beds and five dialysis machines but these are still not sufficient to cater for all patients in need of dialysis (Sometimes machines breaks down frequently).We recommend effective equipping to ensure timely delivery of specialized health care services.

The unit has health professionals who care for dialysis patients.
Care team includes:Two Nephrologist,Six licenced Nephrology Nurse,One renal dietitian,One trained Biomedical technician,One trained laboratory technician.

It is covered by National Hospital Insurance Funds(NHIF) Which contributes in ensuring that dialysis procedures are available per patient.NHIF supports two sessions of dialysis per week at ksh 9500.

Patients Rights:

1: Quality care
2: Right to information
3: Individual treat
4: Privacy and confidentiality
5: Services without discrimination
6: Treatment options
7: Emergency care
8: Medical consultation
9: Dietary counselling.

Lab Services


To render quality, accurate, reliable, accurate, accessible, affordable, equitable and timely
laboratory diagnostic service.


To promote and participate in provision of intergraded and quality diagnosis, disease surveillance, promotive, preventive and rehabilitative health care services.


Safety, confidentiality, diligence, impartiality and teamwork.


Stool for ova/cysts, blood slides etc
Liver function tests, renal function tests, prostate surface antigen, lipid profile etc
anti-streptolysin O, vdrl, H. pylori antigen etc.
Sickling tests, full hemogram, coagulation profile etc.
Cultures, gram stain, sputum for AAFB, gene X-PERT etc.
CD4 count, viral load etc.



MCRH laboratory is committed to quality and good professional practice, as the guiding principle in its
cooperation, decision making and leadership in the provision of medical laboratory services that are
reliable to inform medical decisions.
To realize this, the hospital management has adopted a frame work for establishing, monitoring and
reviewing (annually or when need be) quality objectives for continual improvement, sustainability, and
ensuring that examinations are fit for the intended use. Our laboratory has implemented an effective
quality management system based on and complying with ISO 15189:2012 standards

Blood Transfusion


Core functions

-alleviation of pain during surgery.

-administration of anaesthesia during surgery.

-Maintenance of patients admitted in ICU.

-provision of counseling on patients undergoing surgery.

-maintenance of anaesthetic equipment.

-ensuring patients safety during surgery.


-provision of leadership at the county level.

-provision of relevant data to the CHMT

-smooth running of all county operating theatres.

-attending CHMT meetings on data reviews and planning.

-training of anaesthetists on relevant and current trends.



-Increase in the number of anaesthetists from 3-35

-increase the number of operating theatres from 3 to 9

-approximately 20 anaesthetists have been trained on OSS (Obstetric safe surgery)

-timely resignations and promotion of anaesthetists.



-increase the number of anaesthnetists by 12

-training more anaeshetists on obstetric safe surgery

-up to date data collection and analysis.

-continuous supply of theatre drugs.


-creation of Makueni county anesthesia conference.

-proper and prudent use of resources