Department of Lands, Urban Planning & Development, Environment & Climate Change

Departmental Vision

A leader in the provision of efficient, sustainable, equitable use of County land and natural resources.

Departmental Mission

To deliver optimal utilization of Makueni County land to achieve a high quality of life for every household in a safe and livable environment.

Departmental Core values

Proffessionism, Teamwork, Integrity, Sustainability and Innovation

The Divisions

  • Lands
  • Environment
  • Natural Resources
  • Climate Change

The Departmental Units

  • Environmental Administration, Coordination and Governance
  • Environmental Conservation and Management
  • Environmental Education, Advocacy and Research
  • Forestry
  • Climate Change
  • Environmental Compliance and Enforcement
  • Wildlife
  • Mining







Dr. Sonnia Nzilani Musyoka

Jackson Charo Daudi
Chief Officer - Lands, Urban Planning and Development

Japheth Mutuku Kiminza
Chief Officer - Environment, Natural Resources, Mining and Climate Change






  • Specific functions for Environment, Natural Resources & Climate Change

    • Formulation and Implementation of Specific County and National Government policies on natural resources, climate change and environmental conservation (soil, water and forestry Conservation);
    • Determination of climate change impacts, formulation and coordination of appropriate climate change adaptation and mitigation initiatives;
    • Development of Forests; Re-afforestation and Agroforestry and restoration of water towers;
    • Environmental pollution control and other public nuisances;
    • Coordination of the environmental management through the County Environment Committee;
    • Conservation and protection of National Wildlife Heritage in collaboration with the National Government;
    • Mineral Resource mapping, exploration, prospecting, Mineral value addition and marketing;
    • Natural Resources exploitation and Management;
    • Environmental and social safeguards assessments and monitoring;
    • Oversee liquid and solid waste reduction, reuse and recycling; and
    • Enforce relevant legislations, regulations and standards of compliance to environmental management.