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Fire Station

Fire Station

Vision, Mission and Core Values

Vision Statement

To protect the safety and provide the highest standard of disaster response services for the well-being of our community

Mission Statement

To save lives, protect property, and relief communities from periodic hazards by undertaking initiatives that aim a prevention, protection, response and resilience of our communities through professional, courageous and dedicated staff.

Core Values

The core values are:

  • Integrity – We are honest, trustworthy, and accountable. Honor guides our actions.
  • Professional – Professionalism is the culmination of competence, knowledge, resourcefulness, quality, attitude, and cooperation related to how we provide our services within the community.
  • Respect – Valuing each other and acknowledging the diversity and worth that is inherent within all individuals.
  • Accountable – Being accountable to each other, to the county government and to the citizens whom we serve.
  • Teamwork –We support and depend on each other to achieve our goal in disaster response and management.
  • Dedication – Dedication is a commitment not only to the duties of a firefighter, but also to each other as a team, to the citizens which we serve, and propels us forward in becoming the most competent professionals.
  • Courage – we are courageous, brave and ready for work at all times.


The functions of the fire stations are to:

  1. Carry out functions of mitigation, education and response to many emergencies including: fires, drowning, pit rescue and road traffic accidents;
  2. Take measures to eliminate the causes and conditions of violations in the field of fire, and other related safety measures;
  3. Conduct fire investigation;
  4. Enforce fire compliance in construction completion procedures;
  5. Monitor the compliance of design and technical solutions, objects, products and services with the requirements of fire safety legislation, ensuring the protection of objects and working or present people from fire;
  6. Carry out fire prevention campaigns and public education related to fire safety;
  7. Ensure constant preparedness of the county government Fire and Rescue Service in order to organize and carry out firefighting, rescue of people and property and reduction of the consequences of fire;
  8. Make contracts with operators of hazardous establishments regarding fire safety in order to ensure the implementation of fire safety objectives and tasks;
  9. Ensure timely response to notifications of the need for assistance;
  10. Organize, manage and carry out firefighting and other rescue operations for saving people and property;
  11. Organize and coordinate the functioning of the single emergency number 0715 486141 of the government of Makueni County;
  12. Promote, organize and coordinate activities of volunteer firefighters;
  13. Ensure activities of public warning system;
  14. Coordinate emergency prevention and activities of residents, government and municipalities in the county;
  15. Organize and/or carry out training of volunteer firefighters; and
  16. Promote residents, associations and volunteer firefighters to take part in the activities in the field of fire safety