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Makueni Tourism Circuit Launched.

As a way of ensuring Makueni County becomes a major tourist destination centre, the County on Wednesday launched Makueni Tourism Circuit.
The County is an impressive tourist destination that rewards travelers with the utmost safari experiences in not only wilderness but also the unique cultures of the Angulia people (a sub-tribe of the Akamba people), caves, Chyullu hills, Masamukye hot springs, Makongo viewpoint, among other wonders.
Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jnr during the launch said that the County had all the required infrastructures such as Standard Gauge Railway, the upcoming Makindu airstrip, and the Mombasa Nairobi highway that opens the region to the outside world.
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Ministry of Tourism And Wildlife – Kenya
Tour Operators Society Of Kenya – TOSK

A Makueni Mountaineer, Bound to Climb Mt. Everest over Climate Change.

Dr. Faith Mwende a mountaineer from Kilungu, Makueni County on Thursday was officially handed over the Makueni flag by Makueni Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jr to a long journey to summit Mt. Everest, the highest mountain in the world with the aim of creating awareness of the unprecedented speed and magnitude of climate change, mental health, and promote peace.
Mwende, a mental health champion who has climbed major mountains in Kenya says that her passion for mountaineering started while growing up in the hilly region of Kilungu.
“I want to showcase the beauty of Makueni County. When I was going up Mt. Kilimanjaro for the 3rd time, I realized an increase in snowfall and also found a lot of litter. If you’re not at peace with the environment then it leads to mental health,” Mwende said
Governor Mutula speaking during the ceremony asked her to become a Makueni climate change champion saying that Makueni had been adversely affected by the effects of climate change.
Makueni has of late faced sand flooding, cutting down of trees, and burning of forests in areas such as Nzaui hills, Makuli Forest, and Katende, among other forested regions.

Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jr attended ward-level County Budget Public Participation for the FY 2023/24 at Kalawani social hall, Tulimani ward, Mbooni.

Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jr attended ward-level County Budget Public Participation for the FY 2023/24 at Kalawani social hall, Tulimani ward, Mbooni, where he emphasized the need for public input for a better decision process.
The governor challenged residents to also look at national government projects that are a priority to them.
“Look at various life-changing projects from water, roads among others so that after 4 years I can have an interview by the people based on the performance,” he said
Later he condoled with the family of the late Dorcus Kyande, 96, mother to Stephen Kivindu Kyande, former Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), commissioner, domestic tax, at her Wambuli home, within Tulimani ward.
Dorcus was eulogized as a dedicated farmer, clothed with strength and dignity till her demise.
The burial was also attended by various leaders among them Wiper party leader Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka.

Kalawa Ward To Get Universal Water Supply.

Kalawa ward, one of Makueni’s water stressed areas is set to achieve atleast 80 percent water supply by end of the year after completion of Athi-Kalawa Water project. 
During a working tour of the ward on Friday, Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jnr inspected the project and pledged all his government’s support to ensure the project is completed and water distributed to residents. 
The project is a joint partnership between the county government and World Vision to draw water from River Athi, treatment and distribution. 
Governor Mutula also launched construction works for Kanini Kaseo micro-irrigation project at Thwake sub-location in the ward. The project which draws water from River Thwake will support 34 households and four schools to do irrigation agriculture geared towards food security in the area.
The department of Water and Sanitation will sink five boreholes while World Vision will rehabilitate three existing ones to serve the people before completion of Athi-Kalawa project.

Local farmers benefit from Goat Improvement Program for increased household income

At least 400 farmers from Kikumbulyu South Ward on Wednesday benefited from goat improvement programme that is aimed at increasing milk production and household income.  The initiative involved provision of Galla breeding bucks and does and capacity building of the farmers on best goat management practices. The Galla goats were also vaccinated against Contagious Caprine pleuropneumonia (CCPP) by a Vet doctor before the distribution exercise. 
According to livestock and  veterinary experts, the Galla breed has a faster growth rate, has higher market weight and produces higher milk yields, compared to the Small East African Goat, the dominant breed in the ward.
The distribution of the Galla breed was commissioned by Deputy Governor Lucy Mulili who was hosted by Agriculture Executive Joyce Mutua and Area MCA Jades Kalunda at Mkamba cultural Centre in Mikiyuni.
Mulili lauded the initiative and urged the farmers to invest massively in the best breeding practise to improve livelihoods.  Mutua called on Makueni residents to prioritize agriculture, irrigation and livestock projects during this year’s public participation process.

Makueni County Initiates Revocation of Controversial Kiboko B Land Allotments

The department of Lands and Urban Planning has initiated plans to revoke allotment of 54 acres of land in Kiboko B settlement scheme, Kimboo village, over the controversial manner the land was allocated. The decision by Lands Executive Committee Member Sonia Nzilani to revoke the allotments stems from a 2015 National Land Commission advisory that the land allotted to some absentee ‘squatters’ in 1999 be subdivided and newly allotted to at least 41 squatters who had settled on it. The re-allocation was carried out in 2019 for PLOT NO.718 KIBOKO ‘B’, PLOT NO.719 KIBOKO ‘B’, PLOT NO.720 KIBOKO ‘B’ but the process was hijacked by a cartel of wealthy individuals who have since worked on evicting the rightful squatters from the three parcels of land.  Dr. Sonia has however recommended revocation of the 2019 re-allocation exercise and said the land will be re-allocated afresh to the list of squatters identified by NLC in 2015 and other deserving ones after a thorough verification exercise.

Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jr Launches Countywide Livestock Vaccination to boost Herd’s Immunity against Trans-boundary Animal Diseases

Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jr Launches Countywide Livestock Vaccination to boost Herd’s Immunity against Trans-boundary Animal Diseases
Mutula Kilonzo Junior on Friday, during Kalawa Ward development tour, officially launched the Annual Livestock Vaccination program at Kathulumbi Stockyard in Katangi Market.
The program is geared towards boosting the herd’s immunity against trans-boundary animal diseases.
The County government is targeting to vaccinate at least 100, 000 cattle and 150,000 sheep and goats across 465 sites in all the Sub- Counties in Makueni.
According to the Agriculture Executive Joyce Mutua, the vaccination program is highly subsidized and each beneficiary will pay a fee of Sh 20 for cattle and Sh 5 for sheep and goats. Besides, deworming services will be provided for free.

The Makueni County Budget Public participation for the FY 2023/24 kicked off on Thursday 30/3/2023, Launched by the County Executive Committee Member for Finance and Socio-Economic Planning Mrs. Damaris Kavoi.

Accompanied by the Sub-County Administrator Mark Muthoka and other county staff, the ECM launched the engagement process at Wote Social Hall where the Wote Sub-Ward citizens were holding their public participation. This process will identify the county development priorities for the FY 2023/24.
This year’s budget is being considered as a foundational yet transformative budget for the government since it prioritizes transformative and impactful projects, it will be evidence based, the public participation is for the entire county government budget and not only the allocation for the wards, and the projects and programmes prioritized cuts across several wards and departments.
Public participation has taken place in all the 60 sub-wards and will also take place at the ward level on 5th April, 2023.

Isuzu Donates Water Tanks to Makueni Schools.

Motor vehicle dealer Isuzu Kenya has donated four 10,000-litre water tanks to support access to clean drinking water in four schools within Makueni.
The donation was handed to governor Mutula Kilonzo Jnr by the Director Manufacturing Operations & Facilities Division, Isuzu EA, Eng. Daniel Kilenge at Unoa Primary School on Tuesday.
The donation is part of a Corporate Social Initiative by the motor assembler agreed on during a courtesy call to Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jr by Managing Director Rita Kavashe early this year.