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Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jr and his Deputy Lucy Mulili have committed members of their cabinet and the chief officers to performance contracts for the 2023/2024 FY.
The performance contracting exercise is meant to ensure efficiency and quality in service delivery to the public in line with provisions of the constitution.
The governor warned that prudent utilization of resources meant to achieve government’s objectives and transparency in procurement processes cannot be compromised. In addition, he said that the team must embed transparency and financial discipline in their operations.
He noted that at the end of the financial year, the members of his cabinet together with their chief officers will be assessed based on their performance.

Makueni, NLC begin Land Ownership Verification in Nunguni and Kikima.

The department of Lands and Urban Planning, Environment and Climate change, Makueni County, has in partnership with National Land Commission (NLC) started plot ownership verification in Nunguni and Kikima towns in Line with Approved Survey Plans.
In an early morning meeting on Tuesday in Wote between NLC led by Commissioner Reginald Okumu, Deputy Governor Lucy Mulili and County Commissioner William Kaimba, the NLC team pledged to expedite the exercise so that by August 2023 all beneficiaries will have Letters of Allotment
104 parcels of land are targeted for verification in Nunguni and 206 in Kikima.
The teams also agreed to partner in resolving public land ownership issues in Wote, Mikululo and Kiboko A,B and C and also Fastrack compensation of Project Affected Persons at Kwambila, Manooni and Mulima dams by the relevant National government agencies.

Governor calls for combined efforts to boost education in Makueni as he commissions ultramodern classrooms.

H.E governor Mutula Kilonzo Jnr has this evening commissioned an ultramodern storey building that houses several classrooms at Nzeeni Lioness Primary School, in Nzaui-Kilili-Kalamba ward, Makueni Sub-County.
The dream of such a modern school has been realized through supporting partners under the Lions Club of Nairobi-Peponi.
The governor asked parents to be actively involved in their children’s academic development with a view of helping them realize their potential.
He was accompanied by the club’s leadership led by Lion Shehzan Luhar, several philanthropists from the service club organization, Susan Kiamba (Makueni MP), and area MCA Francis Mutuku among others.

Governor flags off Makueni journalists to SJAK games.

H.E Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jr on Friday flagged off Makueni journalists FC to play in the Sports Journalists Association (SJAK) five-aside football tourney slated tomorrow, Nairobi.
Makueni will be battling Nation FC, MediaMax FC, and The Standard Media FC in a tough pool “C”.
The governor who has been supportive in sports, expressed his expectations that the team will win in the competition, which has been organised in conjunction with La Liga.

Local Farmers Reaping Big through the Adoption of New Technologies in Farming

Over 70% of Makueni farmers supported through the National Agricultural and Rural Inclusive Growth Project (NARIGP) have adopted at least one Technology Innovation and Management Practices (TIMPs) in agricultural production, County Livestock and Cooperative Development Director David Musyoki has revealed.
While interacting with the project County Technical Advisory Committee (CTAC) members, during their 3-day field visits and backstopping exercise, various farmers shared their success  stories of improved livelihoods after adopting best agriculture practices.
According to Musyoki, who also chairs CTAC, the committee is responsible for technical advice and quality assurance at the county level.
Many farmers say are now able to afford school fees for their children as well as feed their families during these hard economic  times. These, they attributed to new technologies that have increased production and profitability in agriculture.
Some of the TIMPs adopted by farmers are simple chicken feeds formulation and improved feeding, serial hatching, conservation agriculture and mechanization.
Others include Integrated Pest Management, climate-smart agronomics practices, flock health management , harvest and post–harvest management.
The adoption of new technologies by farmers is expected to shoot up, with the inception of Saccos in the project to assist them access affordable financial resources.

Makueni receives RTA Response Vehicle, designed to detach vehicles after accidents

A Road Traffic Accident Response Vehicle with a new design (Fabricated in Kenya) has been received in Makueni County courtesy of the partnership between the County and the Polish Center for International Aid (PCPM).
The RTA response vehicle-an ambulance by design and the first one in Kenya carries enough RTA extrication and rescue equipment: 2 hydraulic pumps, a hydraulic cutter, a ram and spreader, trauma bags, four parts extension ladders, and a stretcher among others.
After having a test drive, H.E Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jnr exuded confidence that rescue operations along the Mombasa-Nairobi highway will significantly be done through the vehicle which will be stationed at Makindu.

Makueni Farmers to Receive Financial Boost through Saccos.

The Department of Agriculture, Irrigation, Livestock, Fisheries and Cooperative Development in partnership with the National Agricultural and Rural Inclusive Growth Project (NARIGP) has embarked on an ambitious plan to register Saccos in a bid to assist farmers access affordable credits and put more profits in their pockets.
Through the Saccos, farmers will be able to access financial resources to boost their productivity and profitability.
According to Agriculture chief officer Daniel Ndolo, limited access to financial resources has been a major setback to farmers’ ability to adopt agriculture investments
In the new plan, the county government through the department is targeting to form and register a Sacco in each of the 30 wards across the county. So far, 7 Saccos are already legally established, with 6 of them having elected management and supervisory committees in place.
The management and supervisory committees’ members of the 6 Saccos underwent  induction training last week, in a bid to equip them with the necessary skills to run and manage the Saccos effectively.
The 7 Saccos are in the following  wards; Tulimani, Kako/Waia Masongaleni, Kilome, Thange, Kikumbulyu North and South and Kitise/Kithuki.
Once all the Saccos are automated and operational, they will receive a boost startup grant of upto Sh. 1 Million through the NARIGP project.
The county government is now calling upon farmers to join Saccos in large numbers so as to benefit maximally in agriculture production and profitability.

The First Lady Anita Mutula was accompanied by her Wajir counterpart Rukia Abdinasir, EIDU Senior Project Lead Clara Ruiz Linaje, Abdirashid M. Jabane the Secretary Administration State Department of ICT among other key Education stakeholders

The First Lady Anita Mutula  was accompanied by her Wajir counterpart Rukia Abdinasir, EIDU Senior Project Lead Clara Ruiz Linaje, Abdirashid M. Jabane the Secretary Administration State Department of ICT among other key Education stakeholdersThis program is geared towards enhancing personalized learning, developing accountability among learners and teachers as well as improving written language skills and communication.The programme, launched by County First Lady Anita Mutula on Friday will benefit 35,574 learners in 1191 ECDE centres across the count.

H.E. governor Mutula Kilonzo Jr accompanied by senator Daniel Maanzo, several other leaders on Saturday attended Priests and Deacons Ordination Ceremony held at St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church in Wote, Makueni Parish

H.E. governor Mutula Kilonzo Jr accompanied by senator Daniel Maanzo, several other leaders on Saturday attended Priests and Deacons Ordination Ceremony held at St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church in Wote, Makueni Parish.
The ceremony was presided over by H.E. Hurbetus Maria Van Megan, the Apostolic Nuncio for Kenya and South Sudan, and Rt. Rev. Norman King’oo, the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Machakos.
Governor Mutula expressed a close working relationship with clergy and extended his congratulations to the newly ordained team.
7 seminarians were ordained as deacons while 5 deacons were ordained as priests.

Let’s get back to our indigenous foods, Governor Mutula tells locals

Today, H.E Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jr joined thousands of Makueni locals during the celebrations of the Akamba rich heritage majorly on indigenous foods.
The Governor encouraged a return to the consumption of the Akamba traditional food as a way of:
i.Appreciating the diversity and variety of our indigenous foods
and production processes;
ii. Creating an awareness on the rich nutritional value and healthy-living support capacity that our indigenous foods offer;
iii. Promote the uptake in production of indigenous food crops as a climate adaptation measure;
iv. Present an avenue for stakeholders in the indigenous food value chain to market and promote our foods.
and Demonstrating the commercial value of our indigenous foods;
He insisted that the Akamba culture must continue hence a need to look at ways of teaching the young people how to protect their culture.