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Makueni sportsmen stamp authority at KYISA

Makueni continues to display its sporting prowess at the ongoing Kenya Inter-County Sports Association games in Busia.

So far, both men and women footballers have qualified for the knockouts as runners up behind Trans Nzoia (Men) and Kwale (Women).

On day three of the games, Wednesday, Makueni volleyball queens hammered their Nyandarua counterparts 3-0 sets thus securing a slot at the knock-out stages with a game in hand against hosts Busia.

In Men’s volleyball, Makueni will be on the pitch Thursday against Nyandarua having thrashed Kakamega 3-1 sets on Tuesday.

Makueni executive for Education, Sports and ICT Joshua Wambua is upbeat that the Makueni sportsmen, all under 23, are well prepared to go for silverware as the curtains draw on the 6th edition of the inter-county games on Saturday.

Powering Makueni

Makueni is set to benefit from an enticing renewable energy deal that will drive its industrial vision sustainably.

The deal involves setup of a LED lighting project in the county in a tripartite Public-Private-Partnership agreement bringing together the government (Makueni County), the private sector (SOLAFRIQUE, a limited company) and the academia (Strathmore University and Lukenya University).

The five-year deal was signed on Tuesday at Strathmore Business School by Governor Kivutha Kibwana, senator Sylvia Kasanga of Lukenya University, Solafrique Chief Executive Officer Lois Gicheru and Hildah Mugire, Vice Dean, Academic and Student Affairs-Strathmore University.

With support from the two universities and the county government, Solafrique will setup the LED lighting project in the county; Light of towns and streets within Makueni County with products from the plant; Design and installation of energy efficient solutions in all public institutions in Makueni County.

This includes but is not limited to installing LED bulbs in the institutions and installing off grid or on grid solar systems; Provision of Jobs for youth; and Provision of energy efficient solutions.

Lukenya University will provide site for the LED lighting project; offer its campus to be used for training purposes; Provide training site for energy-water-food nexus solutions; and assist Makueni County Government in the development of a skill based curriculum.

On its part, Strathmore University will assist in development of a county energy plan; Development of county policy and law on energy; Training of county managers on energy matters and technical and non-technical training to officers and training of ToTs.

The University will also offer technical guidance on establishment of a renewable energy centre for the county; Training of technical training institutions within the county on renewable energy courses; Research on renewable energy and efficient energy solutions in the county; and carry out a County Energy Audit.

US Envoy praises Makueni for Prudence

The United States ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter has lauded Makueni for its prudence in utilization of the limited resources available leading to high value benefits to the people.

He announced that out of this transparency, Makueni will be among eight counties chosen to participate in the Prosper Africa Presidential Initiative by the United States government, launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta recently.

The program seeks to strengthen direct trade and investments between the United states and select counties. This involves the US government leveraging on its expertise and relationships to support county level private sector solutions by investing in Business-to-Business relationships between the two countries.

The envoy spoke on Saturday during a day long tour of the county to inspect several projects and programs implemented in partnership with the US through its various agencies based in the country.

Mr. McCarter first joined governor Kivutha Kibwana in unveiling the Makueni County Water Policy; a framework for an integrated approach to planning, sustainable development & management of water resources; and progressive realization of the human right to water, sanitation and environment.

After the commissioning, the two then presided over a graduation ceremony to celebrate infants that have remained HIV free despite being exposed for 18 months through the Prevention and elimination of mother to child HIV transmission program.

The Envoy also toured the 200-bed Mother and Child Hospital, counstructed and equipped at a cost of Sh 135 million. He later commissioned Makutano water project in Kathonzweni ward done in partnership with KIWASH.

Mr. McCarter was wowed by what he termed as an outstanding leadership by the Kibwana government for its implementation of interventions that contribute towards the overall wellbeing of the people.

Wote Town to get a new face

Wote and Mtito-Andei towns will soon have fully developed Decentralized Waste Treatment Facilities geared towards improving the general sanitation of the county.

This was announced by Water executive Bob Kisyula on Wednesday during a meeting with Water Sector Trust Fund officials where an agreement to fund the projects and other water projects was reached.

The deal, signed by Governor Kivutha Kibwana and the Water Sector Trust Fund Chairman Patrick Kokonya will fund capacity building and development support to the County, to improve the provision of adequate and sustainable access to sufficient quality and quantity of water and basic sanitation.

According to Kisyula, the county has already identified desilting and rehabilitation of Mulima and Kinze dams in Mbooni sub-county for funding from the Water Sector Trust Fund.

Sanitation program for most of the county’s urban centers is also on the funding priority list.

The Fund’s CEO Ismail Shaiye who witnessed the signing of the partnership announced that a team of engineers will be dispatched to the already earmarked dams for baseline survey in a fortnight.

Kibwana termed the deal a timely one saying that the county is racing against time to fully achieve the water agenda for the people of Makueni, now at 53 percent.

Kibwana signs Cancer Care Deal with Two International Cancer Organizations

Governor Kivutha Kibwana has signed a cancer management deal with two international cancer organizations which will position the county as a centre of excellence in cancer care.

The deal, signed Thursday at Wote, brings together the International Cancer Institute (ICI) and Roche Kenya Limited (a leading pharmaceuticals and tissue-based cancer diagnostics company) to partner with Makueni on cancer and other Non-Communicable Diseases management.

The deal seeks to undertake an integrated care model in the county for; breast cancer, cervical cancer, prostate cancer, lymphomas, hypertension, diabetes, and mental health at the primary health care level through the referral system to the Makueni County Referral Hospital.

The two organizations will support Makueni CRH as a treatment center for oncology services and a comprehensive screening and outreach center for the same.

International Cancer Institute Chief Executive Officer Prof. Chite Asirwa, a cancer and blood specialist who signed the partnership for ICI said the organization will provide on a rotation basis mentors: 1 oncologist, 1 gynecologic oncologist, 1-2 surgical oncologists, 1 pathologist, 1 medical officer, 2-3 clinical officers, 2-3 nurse educators, 1 community liaison, and 6 community health promoters to support the Makueni treatment centre.

He said the partnership will emphasize on accessible and affordable cancer prevention, cure and improved quality management for those living with the condition, which he says has been elusive and the reason many Kenyans fly to India and other far off destinations for treatment.

Governor Kibwana said the deal will save many residents of Makueni the agony of having to sleep on the floors of Kenyatta National Hospital as they queue for cancer treatment or selling assets to fly out of the country in search of such services.

He said the deal for set up of cancer treatment centres in counties was brokered by the County First Ladies Association (CFLA) chaired by his spouse Nazi Kivutha who was present during the signing of the partnership agreement.

Data from the department of Health Services in Makueni show the county has a high prevalence of hypertension and diabetes, a growing burden of cervical, prostate and breast cancer as well as sickle cell disease and unchecked mental health issues.

The Makueni CRH registered 253 cases of the above illnesses combined between July 2015 and June 2019.

Slovakia seeks Makueni partnership in Moringa production

A Slovakia based company is seeking to work with Makueni County farmers for large scale production of Moringa for the company’s European market.

This was disclosed by the Slovak ambassador to Kenya Frantisk Dlhopolce on Wednesday when he paid a courtesy call to governor Kivutha Kibwana at Wote, Makueni.

The choice of Makueni is informed by the growing production of Moringa where quality and volume would reliably be guaranteed for the company’s huge market, said the envoy who was accompanied by the embassy’s economic diplomat Benadik Kiss.

The two diplomats spend the day touring several Moringa farms across the county and interacting with farmers and county agriculture officials to assess the production potential.

The agriculture team will carry out a baseline survey of the county’s moringa production potential and share findings with the Slovak embassy.

The team is expected back in Makueni in two weeks for a final meeting before announcing a possible working formula.

As a show of goodwill, the visiting envoy donated computers to equip an ICT and Innovation centre at the upcoming Wote Green Public Park now in its completion stages.

Makueni on course towards food and nutrition security, says Kibwana

Makueni County on Wednesday played host to the 2019 World Food Day national celebrations usually marked annually on 16th October.

The objective of the celebration is promoting worldwide awareness and actions for those who suffer from hunger and for the need to ensure food security and nutritious diet for all.

The event staged at Kwakathoka was graced by among others; Principal Secretary for Crop Development and Agricultural Research Hamadi Boga, governor Kivutha Kibwana, and top national officials of FAO and WFP.

Kibwana outlined notable milestones achieved by his administration in a quest to improve food security and enhanced incomes:

  1. The identification and promotion of four key agricultural value chains; fruit, dairy, indigenous chicken and green grams. The value chains have substantially been streamlined from production to value addition including processing through development of Makueni fruit processing plant which is still under development to ensure enhanced return on investment; support to development of dairy aggregation across the county and processing plants at Kikima and Kathonzweni; the on-going development of a poultry slaughter house at Kitise and a grain processing plant at Makindu. This will ensure better quality and safer foods for the consumers while increasing the incomes to farmers.
  2. Improved accessibility and affordability of agricultural inputs through linkages such as DigiFarm and KCEP-CRAL in collaboration with Safaricom and IFAD respectively, and the establishment by the county government of non-interest fund (Tetheka Fund) to enhance credit for agriculture and trade.
  3. Water harvesting programme dubbed “Kutwiikania kiw’u “and subsequent food security programme “Operation Mwolyo Out (OMO)- One acre rule”. The strategy entails construction of farm ponds at farm level for the production of quality and nutritious food for the households. The strategy promotes the establishment of dairy, poultry, nutritional garden among others within one acre of land.
  4. Enhanced agribusiness and youth involved in agriculture, a programme co-funded by world food programme and my Government.
  5. Establishment of crop and livestock pest and disease surveillance and their control programme.
  6. Promotion of climate smart agriculture in collaboration with FAO, to improve productivity and profitability and therefore enhance resilience among vulnerable communities. Some equipment used in the programme will be presented to the County in this event.
  7. Construction of fresh produce markets, stock yards, and establishment of market linkages to enhance returns to the farmers.
  8. The development of an Agricultural Training Centre (ATC-Kwakathoka). This institution hosts demonstrations in appropriate agricultural technologies as well as offering Agricultural Technical and Vocational Education Training (ATVET) services targeting our youth and other agricultural producers.
  9. The establishment of County climate change policy and board which strives to reverse environmental degradation and ensure protection of water catchments areas.

Makueni residents in Mombasa officially unveil investment cooperative

A group of Makueni residents based in Mombasa has now unveiled an investment cooperative to pool resources and create wealth both in Makueni and Mombasa.

The cooperative is the first in the county and the country at large to be domesticated under the devolved system of government.

According to its chairperson Richard Kinovi, the overall goal of the cooperative named MDIMA, is to empower its members and citizens of Makueni socially, economically and create wealth for the county.

The 261- member outfit has so far bought shares worth over Sh 5 Million in the Ene Microfinance and is partnering with the county government of Makueni and other development partners in eradicating poverty, budget making process and projects implementation.

The group is also on the verge of securing a grant of USD 200,000 from USAID Kenya and East Africa to train young people in Makueni and mentor them on life skills in a bid to increase their employability levels.

The co-operative movement in the county has grown tremendously post devolution from 83 co-operatives to 224 as at June this year.

Governor Kivutha Kibwana who graced the launch at Changamwe, Mombasa, Saturday evening lauded the members for exemplary unity of purpose, terming the cooperative a model one in the county.

He urged members of the cooperative to take advantage of the county’s Tetheka fund and any other opportunity that will help them pool resources together for group and individual growth.