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School for Devolution & Community Led Development (SDCLD)

School for Devolution & Community Led Development (SDCLD)


Excellence in devolved governance and participatory development practice


To be a premier leader in learning for devolution and pioneering sustainable community led development solutions for governments, communities, local and global community development ecosystems towards improved service delivery, civic competence and contribution to the localization of SDGs

Value Statement

  1. Excellence – We have only one standard EXCELLENCE!
  2. Teamwork – We cultivate the spirit of TEAMWORK.
  3. Integrity – We are ETHICAL and PROFESSIONAL in our CONDUCT.
  4. Innovation – We encourage and reward INNOVATION, especially BREAKTHROUGH IDEAS.


  1. To design, deliver and integrate innovative skills- based capacity development on devolved governance, participatory approaches and community led development curriculum;
  2. To promote participatory decision-making and collaboration within communities, fostering a sense of ownership and accountability,
  1. To enhance peer to peer learning/ benchmarking/ consortiums on devolution for counties, national and international governments, researchers and organizations while linking them with real time service delivery and communities;
  2. To provide centralized, cost effective and accessible training for large numbers of county staff through outsourcing and networking with established institutions in devolution and good governance;
  3. To organize technical support, training programs, conferences, seminars and workshops for elected representatives of community committees, local development organizations and rural communities into effective agents of change;
  4. To facilitate outreach, collaborations and partnership events for local development organizations’ growth and sustainability
  5. Analyze and offer solutions to problems encountered in devolution related implementation of the programs for grassroots development, decentralized governance and related livelihood guarantee programs; and
  6. Enhance collaborative partnerships with local and global devolution and community development ecosystems, stakeholders and innovators in governance

Training Courses Offered by the school

  1. One/two Day Learning
  2. Three Day learning – With a certificate of Participation

Certificate in:

  • History and Development of Devolution in Kenya ( Case for Makueni County
  • Community Led Development
  • Participatory Planning and Budgeting
  • Social Accountability
  • Community Based Monitoring
  • Project Management for grass root development