A Million Books Movement Launched in Makueni County

Mrs. Nazi Kivutha, the First Lady, Makueni County and Chairperson of the Shina Foundation, has called on residents to donate a book each to equip libraries in the County. This will translate into a million books movement in the County. The First Lady said this during the launch of 30 libraries in the County at the Kambi Mawe Primary School, Makueni on 29th November 2016. The guest of honour was Dr. Auma Obama, the Patron of Story Moja who together with the Governor, Prof. Kivutha Kibwana, officially opened the Kambi Mawe Primary School library.
The starting of libraries in the County is an initiative of the Shina Foundation in collaboration with Story Moja and the Government of Makueni County. Through the initiative, Shina Foundation in collaboration with the government has trained teacher librarians from 30 primary schools and purchased over 1,000 books for each library. Story Moja has donated 6,000 books to be distributed to the 30 libraries. Book donations have also been received from Moran Publishers and the East African Educational Publishers (EAEP). 
 ‘The journey of starting libraries has begun. Today we are launching libraries and giving out books to 30 libraries only. We have more than 900 other primary schools in the County that do not have libraries. We still have a lot to do. Let us think about how to make sure all our schools have libraries. I am therefore opening the doors of the Shina Foundation for you to bring books for equipping our libraries. Let us start a one person, one book movement, which for our County translates to a million books movement! This is a movement to equip our libraries that I am starting for the children of Makueni County’. Mrs. Nazi Kivutha, Chairperson, Shina Foundation.
‘I challenge you to give a book each so that our children can read as there is power in reading. Books take us to great worlds, new worlds, they make us dream big dreams. Let us devise ways of making our children read’. Mrs. Nazi Kivutha, Chairperson, Shina Foundation.
‘When children learn to read and they embrace it, it is great. When one reads books even the other school subjects become easy as one is able to write good essays and understand concepts with ease. We commend Shina Foundation in collaboration with Story Moja for this libraries initiative’. H.E. Prof. Kivutha Kibwana, Governor, Makueni County.
‘I am honoured to be here and to be part of your family and County. Thanks for helping put a book in each child’s hand. You are the first County to launch 30 libraries at once. You guys are at the top. It is remarkable that you are also doing this for primary schools where children start to read and learn therefore giving them the words they use to express themselves in order to learn, interact and pass their exams. I congratulate you’. Dr. Auma Obama, Patron of Story Moja.
‘I have planted a tree and therefore I will be back. When I come back, I will bring with me a book or two or four’. I call on you to push other Counties to ensure they establish libraries’. For the 21st Century, it is essential that you are a creative critical thinker. Grades matter but creative thinking matters most. That is why you have to read because you need the exposure to other ways of thinking and other worlds. These are the worlds that books take us to. Books teach children to question, to ask the WHY question, to think critically. It is through reading that children realize things can be done differently’. Dr. Auma Obama, Patron of Story Moja.
‘I urge you to read, not because we are telling you to but because you want to read, to discover other worlds:
Read because you want to,
Read to be able to communicate,
Read to be able to understand,
Read to be able to be understood,
Read to be able to get a job,
Read to be able to think critically.
I encourage you to join our movement’. Dr. Auma Obama, Patron of Story Moja.
‘It is unacceptable that only 2% of our public schools have libraries. It is unacceptable for us as adults to have our children go through this. I urge you to help us to create libraries in order to have our children read. Kusoma ni lazima. You do not read, you do not have a voice. Let us make reading accessible to all children’. Dr. Auma Obama, Patron of Story Moja.
‘Thanks a lot Mama Nazi. When you talk of transforming lives, you mean it. You are really committed to transforming lives and that is why we are here today launching 30 libraries in primary schools of Makueni County’. Faith Makena from Story Moja.