County SMS Platform

The County Government, through the Department of Education & ICT, has launched a Short Message Service platform with the aim of promoting exchange of information between the county government and the residents. Residents will be able to enquire on any county government undertaking or report any incidents afflicting them just through a short text message.

The SMS platform promotes transparency, reduces complaints caused by lack of information, and enables the citizens to communicate to the county government in case of emergencies. This is a project set to have far-reaching outcomes addressing information needs of county residents besides promoting public participation in policy and decision making processes.

Once subscribed, residents will receive regular messages and updates from the county government on various services such as bursaries, land rates, procurement opportunities, health service campaigns, among others. These messages will only be sent to subscribers through the name MAKUENIGOVT.

To subscribe, citizens should SMS the word JOIN to the short code 40014. Also, to communicate to the county government, residents only need to SMS their message to the 40014.